Science is Magic!
Dice Cubes Explain Astrology & I Ching

Science is magic! The official or Establishment definitions of 'science', 'truth', 'magic' and even 'random' have no connection to empirical observation just Celebrity endorsements rooted in Bible fundamentalism of centuries ago. Modern science uses mutually exclusive notions in various contexts: Is the Universe expanding from the Big Bang or limited in its total extent so it can still fit into clockwork crystal spheres of Aristotle? The textbook answer is Both!.

Timing currents are gravity within the context of the Big Bang theory of the Universe. If this sounds strange to you, then you rely too much upon what others told you and not enough upon your own creative experience. Modern science was defined by medieval Scholastic monks and limited to official texts by recognized celebrity authors by the detail the libraries survived the Black Death and the scholars didn’t.

Technology has developed over the centuries, science not so much. The conventional wisdom is that the ultimate scientific truth is just like the current important technology. The Universe is a giant clockwork. The nervous system is a telegraph. The brain is a computer. Freud’s image of the mind was based upon the workings of a steam engine harnessing raw energy to useful social functioning. Everything outside accepted technology or science must be random magical nonsense. Actually the exact opposite is true. Science is Magic! And magic is true creativity, the same living human process in all fields. Creativity, human feelings, everything important to YOU is subjective Magic!

The last universally accepted science paradigms were established in the years before World War I in the enthusiasm for escape from the hubris and intellectual tyranny of the 19th century. Much new work has been established more recently, but nothing has established a true new paradigm by explaining everything. Now there are just patchwork quilts of partial explanations. Light is both wave and particle since the equations for cannonballs and sine waves must still be valid. The Big Bang origin of the Universe is established, but Newton’s simplistic equations must remain the Laws of Physics. Natural selection is simple logic arising from the Malthusian realization that more offspring are born than can be fed, so those who survive must out compete their siblings. However, Darwin was trained as an Anglican minister and the Anglican Church doctrine of Evolution or the Divine Progress that explains why Queen Victoria didn’t live like King Solomon had to be respected.

True science is Magic! Universal and eternal, the same today as for all indigenous cultures throughout time, based simply upon humans as the loving and beloved children of Father Sun and Mother Earth. The celestial dynamics of the apparent motion of the Sun, measured by a vertical stick, describes the growing season that supports all life. The elevations of the Planet Earth topography control the flow of water over the land that is essential to successful human habitation. Together they establish the water cycle and the foundation of human life over millennia. Ignoring them based upon some technology fad and limited vision and fossil fuel abuse makes for a great few centuries and then oblivion.

Pythagorean principles and the fundamental integration of simple dot-numbers with geometry offer ultimate guidance and understanding of the Universe as an eternal ocean of Timing currents and interconnected dynamic flows. This is perfectly compatible with the Big Bang theory of our Universe as the constant angular momentum from an initial chaotic explosion where all measurable relationships cannot be exact—only approximations that fit some symbolic matrix we establish from out imaginations. The solar system settled itself out from a single cloud of debris that still embodies currents, tides and relationships amongst all its pieces—seen in Bode’s law and in the organizing power of astrology and the symbolic matrix of the horoscope.

The great hidden (or occult) secret is that simple dice cubes are not at all random nor any recent technology of the gambling table. They are the elegant Pythagorean computers whose dot-number patterns and structure explain both all the details of astrology (signs, planets, houses, aspects, orbs, etc) and also the fundamental matrix and meaning of the 64 hexagrams arranged into the King Wen Sequence of the I Ching, or as I call it the Flux Tome. All wisdom and understanding is simple and freely available to all—if you open your eyes to the world around you—and don’t listen to those who want you to only accept what has been established and given celebrity status.

Want to learn astrology simply right now?
Learn the meaning of the Zodiac Signs,
Houses, Planets from the dice cube dot patterns.

If that sounds strange to you then you've spent too long cloistered in the library/classroom instead of exploring the creative adventure of YOUR living experience on your own! Science is Magic! Magic is living freedom and personal liberty.

Although Einstein identified the universe was expanding, he had no idea of the Big Bang theory. Relativity still fits into the same limited universe of Aristotle’s Crystal Spheres which Ibn Gabirol described as resting under the feet of God’s Throne in Heaven. Science is Magic! Theories may change, but scientist perspectives still haven’t fully.

Timing controls perceived results. To know timing requires some way to visualize current situation in terms of other cycles. The calendar is a powerful timing analog. In 1900 great fuss was made in the popular press that the 19th century had ended and a new era of the future become real had begun. The twentieth century actually began in 1901 and the big changes in futuristic technology had to wait for WWI which was delayed until the Kaiser could dredge the Kiel Canal to allow his High Seas Fleet to reach the North Sea and the British Fleet. That took until the summer of 1914.

While the world waited, the Titanic, hailed as the biggest, best, most luxurious and first unsinkable ship went down in 1912. Science is Magic! Sometimes what is hailed as magical doesn’t quite work out in reality. What else do we still rely upon as conventional wisdom that is actually just hype and expectation about to come crashing down about us all?

2001 marked the beginning of a new century, a new millennium, and a New Great Age--Perhaps not yet the Age of Aquarius but certainly the Age of Obama--the new timing after the post post-modern has slipped away and no one quite knows how to call it since it is clearly different from the ‘modern’ millennium of 1001 to 2000 CE.

We are now beginning to notice this changed timing for this new century/millennium equivalent of that of the days before WWI when the failure of the 19th century was highlighted in the foolishness involved in the sinking of the Titanic. The commands of the White Star Line officials on board when informed they were in danger from icebergs was to order top speed to get out of this rough patch as soon as possible and into New York Harbor to set a world record.

SCIENCE IS MAGIC! And personal magic is the way to find yourself and your true inner science of knowledge and growth. Don't be fooled by the experts who have only their credentials and library references to cling to as the icy waters of reality flood their elite staterooms of this new Titanic debacle.

Few folks realize that "modern" comes from the Latin 'Modus Hodie' the lifestyle of today, and referred to the dawning realization that Europe could no longer hold on to their fantasies of still being part of the Glorious Roman Empire of the prior millennium. The insight of the 11th century led to primogeniture as a way to keep the great estates by sending the younger sons and all daughters off to find their own fortune elsewhere. Then came the Crusades as a way to get new riches for them to bring home from Jerusalem by force of arms.

Conquest of foreign wealth to be brought home to impress the hometown family became the essence of that new millennium which is now past its timing and obsolete.

The Post Modern Era has come and gone, even the Post-Postmodern is obsolete. We live in the Age Of Obama, that time between the failure of the Modern and the Dawning of the New Age of Aquarius when everything ignored and hidden out of sight and off the books comes back through the Environment to bite US All in the backside.

Other timing analogs include horoscopes, dice cubes (actually the Pythagorean computer), the ancient Chinese hexagrams of the I Ching or Change Classic or Flux Tome in my American terminology. All of these timing analogs are related and given new insights and exposition in this web site.Science is Magic!

Check out the Kegan Consulting Page on the Nav Bar in the left margin for the opportunity to sign up for the ongoing commentary of my Ezine Fresh Rolls of Stars-n-Dice.Com Ezine with running timing analysis of current events. Science is Magic! And Timing rules Everyday life!

Astrology is based upon empirical observation of the timing relations of crops, planets, sunshine, the seasons, Bode's Law and human experience and psychology. The theoretical basis only became explainable with Big Bang Theory, though "modern" science still clings to Aristotle with jury-rigged patches by Newton and Einstein along the way as new data poked holes in the antique views.

Astrology is based upon empirical observation of the timing relations of crops, planets, sunshine, the seasons, Bode's Law and human experience and psychology. The theoretical basis only became explainable with Big Bang Theory, though "modern" science still clings to Aristotle with jury-rigged patches by Newton and Einstein along the way as new data poked holes in the antique views.

Science is Magic! And what academics decry as magic or pseudoscience includes the entirety of Planet Earth wisdom outside their experience or understanding.

Everything is changing in this new Age of Obama requiring audacity, hope, flexibility, and novel approaches and new thinking. This transition from the now obsolete ways of the 'modern' including Crusades, Wars on various evils, giving some elite the high ground while taking as much as possible from those below includes a new economy built from the local community up rather than from the international bankers and global corporations down.

The Age of Obama offers the opportunity to finally deal with the fundamental issues of the United States, built into our nation by Thomas Jefferson, in his final draft of the Declaration of Independence (later edited out by Congress) where he explicitly stated: All are created equal, including Africans who were criminally kidnapped and abused as slaves by the global empire of King George III. Who also imposed colonial oppression on America including promoting slave labor in the South to break up colonial unity and foment strife between North and South and English American and African American.

Science is Magic! The Dice cubes are NOT AT ALL RANDOM. They are the most elegant Timing analogs and Pythagorean computers opening a portal between the Big Bang Cosmos and YOUR living palm. That is the Stars-N-Dice Perspective. The Pythagorean principles of the Dice cubes explain the other great Timing Maps: Horoscopes (Sabian Astrology) and I Ching (Flux Tome) Oracles.Science is Magic! Timing Explains just about everything!

The ancient Chinese I Ching (or my American interpretation--Flux Tome) catalogs the fundamental patterns whereby the brain synapses perceive timing patterns. The resulting trigram and hexagram patterns express meaning independent of language from simple gestalt imagery of process. Science is Magic! Meaning is stored in the brain without language. Timing rules perception more than empirical data.

Timing is the relationship of any specific to the entire Cosmic System. Dice, Horoscopes, and Yi Gua or the trigram and hexagram line patterns of the I Ching (Flux Tome) are objective frameworks for the mapping and study of Timing.

So-called “modern” science has nothing to say about Timing due to its origin in the blind faith of medieval Scholastic Church dogma. Science vs. Religion is actually Scholastic dogma vs Newtonian (Anglican) dogma. Neither deals with objective reality or empirical experience. If you have not noticed the anomalies in the accepted science paradigms then you aren't thinking clearly.

Only medieval dogma denies the study of timing, claiming that only God can know timing. "Modern" Science is magic and superstition that modestly calls the acts of the Divine "random" meaning an order unknowable by mere mortals. Probability is a poor substitute for timing maps and timing analogs or the framework of wise insights available through the detailed observation validated through millennia.

Modern science is medieval dogma wrapped in celebrity fan club faith in the special paradigms of the authors of best-sellers in official university libraries. The medieval Scholastics rejected horoscopes as based upon calculations rather than faith. Modern science rejects horoscopes for being based in geometry rather than algebra, empirical observation rather than theoretical equations. Science is magic!

The power of magic is the impact of Timing felt personally. This subjectivity frightens the objective sciences--science is magic and they are afraid what magic might do in the dark. Everything personal or individual was ignored or unknown to the Scholastics or “modern” science.

The “modern" millennium (1001-2000 C.E) was a peculiar wrinkle in time from the Crusades through the Black Death and finally achieving its completion in the brutality and misuse of the 13th technology insights in the First and Second World Wars. Science is magic and mixed with fear it brings terrible destruction. Piston engines and library books became the idolatry of the sciences.

Now we are finishing the first decade of the first century of the post-modern millennium under the uniquely American President Barack Obama. If you haven't noticed how totally changed everything is you will find yourself shocked when you finally notice reality.

The static medieval Scholastic universe of Crystal Spheres ascending to the feet of God's Throne in heaven explains "modern" physics through both Newton and Einstein even with the changes patched together inconsistently to fit new data. The Big Bang theory is reality breaking through, vindicating astrology and bringing paradigm shift to science. Now science is magic!

The Big Bang Theory is a total game changer. It replaces the static Terra Firma Earth with a peculiar gravitational field by an exploded and expanding universe whose timing can be read from the cycles of the Solar System planets and the tumbling of a pair of dice or a set of three coins following the precise current momentum of the Big Bang in your own life and times.


All your feelings and beliefs come first in your mind since they are there already. Then whatever you perceive must be reduced to symbolic patterns generated by brain synapses from your sense organs. These must fit into the slots allotted by your prior expectations.

Whatever language you are speaking also must be resolved into internal brain synapse patterns as those patterns must be recast back into a specific language to make up what you can share with others to be called Objective Reality. This is why bilingual folks remember meaning in both languages, but may have trouble remembering which language the original conversation took place.

The hexagrams of the I Ching or Yi or Flux Tome reproduce the symbolic patterns similar to the brain synapses, at least in the Flux Tome perspective available through the button on the Nav Bar at left. The imagery of the Yi gua or gestalt patterns are independent of language, generated by the simple rules of gestalt imagery illustrated also by the dot patterns upon the dice cube. Check out the overall Stars-n-Dice Perspective through the top button on the Nav Bar at left.

What do dice, stars, astrology, and magic or even the I Ching (Yi Jing in Chinese or Flux Tome in American) have to do with objective reality? They each map and explain TIMING. Can anyone deny the importance of Timing? Science just ignores the issue.

Our academic sciences are based upon the Medieval Scholastic university library books as authority. They were what survived when the Black Death (14th century)killed off the professors, students and other monks. When did science separate from Medieval Church dogma? Darwin and Lyle's Geology were attacked in the 1850's at Oxford and Cambridge for disagreeing with the Genesis tale of Creation--that is Day and Night three days before the Sun, moon, and celestial motion. The flat Earth floating upon water and the stars suspended in other waters with the air of the atmosphere held up by the crystal bubble called the firmament.

Conventional wisdom is no longer relevant to our human reality. The assumptions that worked for the last millennium are dissolving in Global Warming in this new millennium. The neat lines of separation between what is convenient and what would rather be ignored as just the environment beyond consideration isn't working any more.

Dice Cubes are amazing Pythagorean mathematical instruments. Astrology was one of the ancient quadrivium of sciences. I Ching was a standard advisory source for Imperial Bureaucrats--a required examination subject. However, none of these included the Church as their authority and thus were declared superstition for not believing in Christian dogma.

Einstein assumed dice were merely 'random' unaware that 'random' is the modern science term for 'Divinely ordered' under the Ten Commandment restriction not to mention the Deity. He also didn't notice that the expanding Universe he discovered was part of the Big Bang explosion. No one in science has any way to study or map timing. Only mechanical clock readings are considered 'Time' and when they were found unworkable 'time' and 'space became obsolete--physics has a very limited world of simple equations and primitive technologies.

These objective, observable indicators of the state of timing here-and-now have a direct connection to the currents, tides and motions of our Big Bang reality as it feels within us. What we perceive and feel is far more powerful to us living humans than what is manifest upon various machines such as clocks. All such notions are too new to be included in modern science paradigms yet; although well-known in the occult for millennia.

Does science feels so special and superior to mere individual feelings? The notion of Science as Absolute objective Truth is a bit of the theological sleight of hand of the medieval Scholastic monks’ university curriculum. Aristotle's elegant rhetoric could only be acceptable if it were framed as a description of how the Christian God had created the Universe.

If that is true by now we would expect to experience terrible pollution popping up from the global environment; climate crisis threatening our civilization and political and economic instability posing unprecedented challenges. OOPS! OH! OH! We may need more than a carbon tax and more charter schools in this new millennium. Science is Magic! separates the creative empirical folks from the hack academic scientists.

How could our modern society be built on a blind-faith tangent unexamined at core since the 14th century Black Death killed the scholars and left only the books in the cloister library? Technology is based upon another medieval monk, Roger Bacon, who imagined the internal combustion piston engine but only was able to formulate gun powder and construct a gun. The rest of his insights weren't put into practice until World War I. Science is Magic that has been mostly used for military campaigns.

Objective Science is Magic and blind faith based upon using the term “science” to translate each “Book” of Aristotle as if it were a separate subject in the University curriculum. Actually, Aristotle taught rhetoric, how to persuade those in power to agree with whatever you were advocating. Greek sentences are built upon nouns and verbs, "modern science" studies matter and energy.

Science is Magic! Some instruments and techniques from ancient times continue to enjoy popular support despite the vehement opposition of the Church and academic science. Dice, astrology, and the I Ching (Flux Tome in American) have a special subjective attraction to humans for reasons that transcend all ‘modern’ notions of randomness, probability or other excuses. Dice are exciting not because they are empty random number generators. They hold a special magic which can only now, in this new millennium begin to be understood.

A pair of dice cubes tumbled from your living palm becomes an analog of the ongoing Big Bang process expressing a Cosmic ocean of timing waves, tides, and currents that connect the whole Solar System as a single unit and the Milky Way galaxy as a one entity. Gravity is not a magical force field ala Newton, or strange curvature in space-time continuum; rather it is the simple tumbling motion continuing from the Big Bang which no one notices directly as our senses have adjusted like sea legs developed upon an ocean voyage.

Science is Magic! The dice cubes with their Pythagorean dot-number patterns arranged on their sides are analog instruments capable of giving an instantaneous reading of the exact timing pattern of YOUR precise situation or question. This is the heart of the Stars And Dice perspective. These principles can be used to explain simply all the jargon of astrology as well as the meaning of the hexagrams of the I Ching from their line values and position, independent of the Chinese language commentary.

Science Is Magic! And magic is YOUR subjective experience of the joy of living as a free thinking adult. Getting free and becoming adult is a natural process once you escape from the cloister or classroom and initiate YOUR inner growth.

Creative science is based in mystery and magic. Einstein felt it. Poincare delighted in it. Science without magic is cloistered superstition.
"Science is Magic!"

just by taking the time to watch your mind as YOU choose two numbers. This is a front row seat to your own inner psychic powers.

Understanding and interpreting an oracle or psychic reading requires a bit of an explanation which is available here on this website. Start with the overview to all the Stars and Dice perspective through the button on the Nav Bar at left. Follow the hyperlinks for deeper exposition or move on to the Next Button for a quick tour.

Explore the ancient Pythagorean Tetraktys
For Those with a taste for deep philosophy or an insight into the meaning of the King Wen Sequence of the I Ching Hexagrams.

Believe the academics who reject astrology and Dice Oracles? Have YOU ever put dice cubes in YOUR palm and experienced their magic? Are Dice merely random, Divinely ordered or the original Pythagorean Computer to show you the way to freedom and independent adulthood?

Does God play dice with the Universe? Of course! It is the ideal way to have the exact right number pattern appear through the Cosmos focused into YOUR palm and through your throw of the dice cubes show what is the ultimate, exquisite description of the situation here-and-now. Newton didn't know it, Einstein either and their work is now obsolete.

Set sail upon the Stars and Dice Process through the button of the Nav Bar and initiate the universal process of becoming a free and independent adult!

The Athenian democracy chose their leaders by lot. Was that Divinely ordered by their gods or mere random chance? Socrates suffered PTSD after being drafted by lot to serve in the terrible defeat in the Battle of Delium.

Not what your professors told you? Did you ever try to figure things out for yourself? Have YOU any idea what they learned beyond sitting in an isolated classroom or laboratory, regurgitating their professors’ interpretation of the books in the University library?

It isn't Future Shock that upsets folks, that is just more misdirection of those fascinated and mesmerized by marketing and technology. Folks are feeling grief over their destroyed past! What they remember fondly has disappeared from the face of the Earth. This is the essence of the Modern, beginning with the new millennium of 1001 CE

"Modern academic science" didn't start with the 19th or 20th century, rather with the sad ‘modus hodie’ of the Dark Ages breaking loose into recently past ‘modern’ millennium of the Crusader 11th century and the 'new' knowledge of the cloistered Scholastic monks of the 12th and 13th century.

V.P Cheney's intense trauma from the Sept. 11th attacks seriously unhinged him and led him to torture and lawlessness. Consider the deep, dark secrets of the PTSD politics of Conservative Republicans, especially Cheney.

This Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Politics at the heart and inception of the modern academic University of the 13th century leads directly the political marketing and brutal campaigns described in Orwell’s 1984 all party politics to win elections and keep power.

Plato's philosophy just fiction designed to soothe his mentor Socrates' PTSD from the Battle of Delium still haunts conservatives...

Since only the books in the University libraries survived fully intact after the traumatic Black Death of the 14th century, the best-sellers with the most resourceful professional fan clubs became the modern science paradigms. Scientific instruments arise from primitive machinery built to promote the fan club and idolized as marvelous wonders.

Believe what YOU were taught in science class makes any objective sense?

Learn what the traditional and New Science paradigms are truly all about.
Paradigm Celebrities and their Fan Clubs just changing book jackets on the same old library marketing hype.

Prefer the Bible to Evolution? The problems of academic science and the destructive technology inflicted upon us all have driven many to seek solace in their Bible. Can YOU truly believe Genesis describes engineering details of Creation? But you can't make science out of ancient fictional narrative poetry. A Look at what the
Book of Genesis says about Creation

Astrology, I Ching, and the Pythagorean computer (dice cubes) are based upon of the universal cycles and rhythms of our Solar System interacting with our Planet Earth topography. This great Unified Global Awareness of the 6th century BCE was rejected by Church monks and then denigrated by those adolescent Crusaders impressed only by their conquests and looted wealth.

Pythagoras taught the unified Global Awareness of the 6th century BCE. His insights and his computer system (dice cubes) have remained revered by those in the know for all these centuries to this very day—despite the rejection and attacks by the ‘modern, academic, science’ establishment. explore the Pythagorean insights of this next millennium

These principles are shared by all the indigenous peoples surviving still upon this Planet Earth. They are the only cultures that have survived more than a few millennia. Our academics still believe the mistranslation of Aristotle elegant Greek rhetoric can be relied upon as separate, isolated sciences that reject the computer innovation of fuzzy logic and support the unlimited exhausting of green house gases to produce the current climate crisis.

Believing the books in your library contain all possible knowledge revealed just to your monks may have been a necessary psychological defense in the Dark Ages. Continuing such blind arrogance for seven centuries, when it took until World War I to engineer the machine insights of Roger Bacon in the 13th century is not great ability or insight.

The Buddhists have a better philosophy beginning with human ignorance and realizing this causes fear and defense mechanisms of all sorts of notions and expectations. As reality crashes these expectations and false belief, folks experience life as painful. When a culture starts with the view they have all knowledge uniquely revealed in their library books as paradigms of their science the suffering that results only goads military conquest and brutal occupation of foreign lands.

Can Anyone Deny The Essential Importance Of Timing?
Can modern science map, study or develop Timing Analogs for personal use? Even the calendar is a Timing Analog that explains modern physics, Relativity theory and much else!Learn about Astrology-- Learn about the I Ching (Flux Tome)
Learn the Dice Oracles as examples of Timing Analogs

Try the better alternatives-- Stars and Dice Book of 1984 opens a portal to Pythagoras through the dice cube. This original insight that dice cubes were a precise Pythagorean computer explaining astrology, I Ching and so much more.

See an entirely new perspective upon Yang and Yin, the meaning of the Flux Tome (I Ching) hexagrams solely from the pattern of yang lines in the gua--trigram or hexagram matrix through the Flux Tome Button on the Nav Bar

Learn the connections amongst the I Ching, Sabian Symbols, Dice, horoscopes, and the Solar Flux Water Cycle. Flux Tome (I Ching) of Dr.Frank R. Kegan through the Stars and Dice Perspective button on the Nav Bar.

Learn about Taoist I Ching the meaning of The Tao and the Taoist lifestyle that once existed with Gia-Fu Feng and his Stillpoint Foundation. Taoist I Ching

Oh, yes, first there is the matter of the U.S. election for 44th President and Commander-in-chief. Simple horoscope techniques will expose some amazing underlying issues in this campaign. This next election will not be like any other in recent memory. Everything will change again between election day 2008 and inauguration day 2009! Get a glimpse of what is truly about to unfold.

This time its a bit different--the Campaign of 2008 and the U.S. Presidential Inauguration of Jan. 20,2009 is for all the marbles--starting with the big blue Marble--Planet Earth and ending with keeping or losing your marbles.
U.S. Election 2008--the timing and deep hidden meanings.
Time for the crucial evaluation of the American Experiment in Democracy.

These are interesting times (as in the ancient Chinese curse) and the U.S. Presidential Election will be like nothing since King George III drifted off into mad folly and forced his loyal American Colonists to become insurgent rebels against his unjust foreign occupation of their homeland...

Right now there is the ambiguous question of Victory in the Iraq War or the success of the "Surge"
Is the Surge Victory or just more Hype?

Who cares about politics? They all yell and complain? True, that is the agreed way to shout down reasoned debate and destroy the power of Democracy.

Look at the X-Ray Eye horoscope analysis of what is going on currently and what has happened in prior elections and what to expect in this upcoming Campaign 2008 moving toward the election of the 44th President of the United States.

Science IS Magic!
This is the litmus spot test that immediately reveals the true mettle of anyone claiming to be a scientist, an academic, or a logical, scientific skeptic.
Learn the secrets they never explain in science class.

True Magic is as deep as the human soul. You can’t find it outside or in any published book no matter how well advertised or promoted as Absolute Truth. Only YOU can find and appreciate the depths of your soul. It is an adult enterprise that requires YOU to grow up in your own way and by your own light.

Becoming adult has been the goal and the secret ambition of those in the know for millennia. How to grow up has been the secret knowledge shared amongst those on the path to the ultimate realization. This eternal quest remains the same today as it was long before Pythagoras developed his work and his school. The process can only begin and after that it will take its own course as a natural development.

What is required to begin is the initial step through the doorway into the depths of yourself and away from following anyone else or being their next step to power. This is a secret portal or doorway in the sense of being subjective or internal rather than objective or public. Thus this is the occult or hidden portal (doorway) into your own subjectivity. Generally known as the portal of occult initiation or beginning the process of becoming your own independent adult personality.

The tradition remains that students are children who must believe whatever they are told by established authorities. When will students grow into adults and think for themselves? When will voters or citizens be more than just pawns in TV ad wars? Before or after conditions become unbearable? Isn’t that the major question for all of us today?

Global solutions start with the insight that the Interplay of Sunshine and Mother Earth Topography is the source of all development upon Planet Earth gives each community its own local horizon while still being part of the Global Planet Earth under the same Sun shining from Eastern horizon until it sets each day in the West. This unity integrated with diversity is the total opposite of the Crusader Millennium just ended, though not yet let go of.

The water cycle has been ignored by science until global warming brought it crashing down upon us. Such ignorant disrespect of Mother Earth is Disastrous, Catastrophic, and just plain Silly. Changing all that is simple though not easy. A few realizations about math techniques and appropriate accounting principles will take care of it all!

Math consequences of percentage rates and simplistic models

Not greed or evil, just the limitations of using percentage rate of growth calculations. A mathematical slip that destroys human quality of life.
Simple accounting principles to end pollution and global warming Everyone follows their accounting spreadsheets. The assumptions used cause problems or solve them without needing to change executive morality or insight.Science is Magic!

Petroleum warlords are an obsolete relic of the 20th century

The old Establishment System of petro-business dominated academic sciences is fading fast and falling of its own dead weight. Science is Magic! Celebrities can't take the intense limelight any more--
their sunscreen has run out
and burnt up in the Global Warming Correction.

Time for a new breed of scientist-artist-philosophers
Postmodern science. is starting to come into focus.Science is Magic!

Planet Earth completes a total revolution with each new Dawn without disrupting daily life or crop growth. It reveals all you need to know in the shadow of a vertical stick and the wonders of the night sky. Isn't that the wave of the future?
Science is Magic!

Big Bang theory supports astrology, showing it is based in timing cycles of the Solar System not Ptolemy's stellar influence.

Need some demonstration that ASTROLOGY debunks astronomy?

The original solar system nebula formed the sun and all planets from a single swirling mass. Astrology simply keeps touch with the timing cycles and currents still remaining throughout the entire solar system, including Planet Earth.Science is Magic!

See an entirely new perspective upon Yang and Yin, the meaning of the Flux Tome (I Ching) hexagrams solely from the pattern of yang lines in the gua--trigram or hexagram matrix.
The connections amongst the I Ching, Sabian Symbols, Dice and Solar Flux Water Cycle.Science is Magic! Flux Tome (I Ching) of Frank R. Kegan

Look at a Dice Cube--Stars-N-Dice explains Astrology, I Ching, and the Dice Oracle with Pythagorean number patterns on dice cubes.
Science is magic.
Science debunked and Magic Revealed.

Modern science is magic like a stage illusion--sleight of hand tricks from the 13th century.
Modern science is still based in the cloistered faith-based speculations of the Medieval Scholastics. Believing exactly and only what is told by Established Authority still more important than personal observation.Science is Magic!
Academic science today still based in the cloisters of the medieval scholastics.

Not what your professors told you? Did you ever try to figure things out for yourself?Science is Magic! Better than Harry Potter since YOU are the wizard.

Learn how medieval scholastics influenced technology to the 20th century and con the blind faith of the medieval scholastics.

Made worse by the traumatic history since then
and the tradition that students must believe what they are told by established authorities.Science is Magic! Modern science is medieval scholastic claptrap

Skeptical questioning and personal exploration find only bad myths in modern science textbooks.Science is Magic!

Sabian Astrology of Marc Edmund Jones.Offers clarity and understanding of the patterns and techniques of horoscope interpretation. The Sabian Symbols offer poetic insights for each of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac. They are part of Sabian Astrology, an original creation of Marc's with the help of the psychic Elsie Wheeler.Science is Magic!

Science is Magic! Magic is fun! And life is GOOD-even with the problems.

The Sun shines with its own light, the moon and celebrity stars can only be seen in the lighting shone upon them.
Those who can operate as adults from their own inner light represent the free citizens of Planet Earth under the sunshine. New thoughts for new thinking in these peculiar and interesting times where Science is Magic!

In times of rapid evolution when Science is Magic a starburst galaxy is creating many new stars. It is time for new slant upon our reality: Fireworks Essays for Explosive Times everywhere here on Planet Earth.

Take the better alternative--Pythagoras Lives! Science is Magic! and Magic is the Portal to True Free Adult Science and Understanding!

Science is Magic when done creatively. Modern education is all about ending such free and independent adults, especially since the student protests of the Viet Nam War.

The modern world of the Crusader Millennium was all about conquest and occupation for the sole benefit of the powerful elite.
Didn't matter who they were, just whoever got to be in power would be seduced into the System.

Everyone else, ideally worker bees for the good of the hive. Properly regimented consumers and workers kept thinking they were citizens, but not able to function as free citizens.
Science is Magic!

Small errors in translation and larger mistakes in hyping the latest new technology available to the max took the West off out on a tangent so far the unintended consequences are overpowering all else. Solutions and understanding remain available to us, as they have been for millennia, lurking just below the surface of conventional wisdom. Einstein spent his life, after his major insights of the first years of the new 20th century rejecting the clear conclusions of his own realizations due to his mistaken assumption that dice could only be “random” gambling evil. Actually, a pair of dice is the Pythagorean Computer that reads and displays the precise timing reality for when they are thrown. Like throwing a log overboard on a sailing ship to know its progress at sea, dice never give random or meaningless results; a pair of dice gives the exactly precise and exquisite timing for that particular situation in our Big Bang process from the original explosion that set loose the chaotic expansion of the Universe we live within. Science is Magic! So-called modern science still hasn’t unified its understanding to include this new reality sticking instead to the obsolete notion that the universe is a stable, limited clockwork construction of precisely defined operation. Our observations show clearly the universe is all chaotic explosive debris only very approximately related to the various symbolic patterns and equations we can write from our theories. This can either be the portal to exciting adventure focused upon our own personal and subjective magic or the slavish bondage to prior celebrities who managed to write antique rules and simple notions before anyone could observe the details that proved such assumptions dead wrong. Science is Magic! Celebrity is all objective marketing of no personal value to anyone, even the individuals who are celebrities. Getting yourself free of the objective expectations taught to you is the ultimate goal of all personal growth. Personal knowledge is true Science is Magic! Outside the expectations taught from published text exists a unified global reality that makes sense within your own experience: We all live together upon Mother Earth energized by the Sun above ruled by timing tides and currents illustrated and explained through simple markers including dice cubes, horoscopes, I Ching hexagrams. True Science is Magic! Objective Science is slavery to Established library celebrity Folks decry as magic anything they don’t understand. Academic science still carries the views of the original medieval Scholastic monks who mistranslated Aristotle within their religious dogma early in the Modern millennium (1001-2000). These notions became Absolute without further scrutiny after the Black Death emptied the universities leaving only the library texts to rely upon. The result became that science is magic combined with celebrity books. The last tinkering was the early work of Einstein at the turn of the 20th century that never managed to integrate his discovery of the expanding Universe with the later insight of the Big Bang Theory. Since World War I military preparedness replaced any hope of human exploration except as Alternative thinking.Science is Magic!

Timing is all about how to map various cycles to get some grasp of our place in the tides and currents of the expanding Big Bang universe. Medieval Scholastic monks assumed all timing and worldly order were controlled by their translation of Holy Scriptures. Anything else must be without order, random and certainly Evil. In truth, their myopic pride that whatever pleased them must be God’s true intention and sole reality was the random Evil. Science is Magic! Big Bang gravity explains dice rolls, horoscopes, I Ching oracles, but not academic physics anymore. The structure of the I Ching hexagrams ordered in the King Wen Sequence explains brilliant understanding of the mysteries essential to human life. First the objective reality, all life depends upon the interaction of Sunshine with the topography of our Planet Earth. Next, the subjective or human reality, society and human meaning depends upon the mystery of love, pregnancy and child rearing. To see this requires understanding the ancient integrated mathematical philosophy explained in the West by Pythagorean dot-number patterns or eidos. They are also embodied in the philosophical perspectives of the holistic Monad, the polar opposite Dyad, the narrative process of the Triad, and the double dichotomy of the Tetrad. Altogether that yields my insights called Flux Tome (on the Nav Bar at left) as the American version of the Chou I Ching or Yi Jing in modern Pinyan Chinese. Science is Magic!
It is only by integrating the implications of the expanding universe from the Big Bang Theory with insight that timing matters, can be mapped simply, and studied successfully that it is possible to explain gravity as just the constant angular momentum remaining from that initial Cosmic Explosion: Why does every speck on Planet Earth naturally fall toward the center of the Earth? Because of a magical force pulling upon it all, unseen throughout space? No! Every speck of matter in the Universe is in complex and chaotic explosive expansion where some spun themselves into solid masses and most dissolved into dust and drifted off alone. If anything didn’t have a net angular momentum primarily tending toward the center of the Earth or any other solid object ;it would have drifted off into deep space billions of years ago. What is gravity beyond the Big Bang conservation of momentum for the Solar System and other celestial bodies? It is a system of internal dynamics of the solar system nebula turned pancake that settled out as the sun, planets, asteroids and comets according to Bode’s Law and demonstrating the solar-system-wide timing currents tracked in astrology. The Solar System clearly arose from one single mass that settled into planets, asteroids, comets and dust that was left behind long ago.

Where is that reality in current astronomy? Not astronomy based upon Ptolemy’s terrible mythology-based Constellations.Science is Magic!

His observations and calculations were very useful. However, his theory was useless, though remains implicit in modern astronomy. Even he knew astrology was not based upon the Constellations, that is the stars. Rather the signs of astrology are based upon the solstices and equinoxes that track the dynamic changes in sunshine upon the topography of Planet Earth that controls weather, crops, and climate. Our “modern science” doesn’t bother with such details, assuming that is all controlled absolutely by God. Therefore global warming, the changes in these dynamics so important to all ancient cultures is coming as a great surprise to us moderns. The timing patterns of our Solar System, tied to the 12-fold geometrical division of the world of angles and interactions between Sunshine and Planet Earth Topography is the empirical basis of astrology.

Without understanding Pythagorean number patterns it is very difficult to make sense of astrology. Fortunately, we still have the Pythagorean Computer to assist our understanding and my Stars and Dice Perspective to help explain to us. Science is Magic!

New thinking requires understanding what has survived for millennia and will survive for millennia more. What we have today is an Establishment System only a few centuries old that cannot survive this current century.Science is Magic!

Science is Magic!

Most Sincerely,

Dr. Frank R. Kegan, A.B., Psy.D

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