Occult initiation begins as a Quest for Source within Self

Occult initiation is ultimately just the quest to grow up free of the limitations of childhood dependence. Natural selection in mammals chose the path that if offspring follow the example of their parents they are most likely to survive long enough to mature sufficiently to have offspring of their own.

This special mammalian mechanism causes offspring dependent upon their parents for their food to observe and obey those parents to learn how to succeed in the species groupings. This is the mechanism that allows for the domestication of animals. It is also what makes modern urban society and academic education work.

Humans fit well into that general mammalian model unless they violate the principle of Justice or Karma or Natural Selection by violence or deception. Survival of the Fittest is not at all Natural Selection—it is the justification for power to claim moral authority and Divine mandate.

Darwin was trained as an Anglican minister, knowing very clearly the difference between his theory of natural selection and the Anglican Church doctrine of evolution. Anglican evolution explains why the British monarchs do not live like the Biblical patriarchs or even the Kings of ancient Israel. Evolution has a central core of progress and Divinely inspired improvement.

Darwinian natural selection has nothing to do with evolution or Anglican Church doctrine. That is why Darwin did not publish his theory for 20 years after the voyage to the Galapagos where it became clear to him. Natural selection was a mechanistic theory that said the local conditions of the isolated niche determined what would flourish there. When some successful adaptation to this isolated niche found its way into a larger habitat it could expand as far as its adaptation could succeed.

Sometimes an adaptation develops that overwhelms its niche and no longer responds to natural selection. The saber-toothed tiger is one example. It was a fierce predator that also competed amongst its own kind for dominance. The bigger the saber-teeth, the better it competed within its species. The saber-tooth tiger developed ever longer saber-teeth until they interfered with its ability to open its mouth and eat its food. It still out-competed its fellows, so natural selection was thwarted and the entire species went extinct.

Humans are clearly an adaptation that evades natural selection for the last 10,000 years. Human competition determines what succeeds and what is rejected. This allows human quirks, like the peacock’s tail or the Saber-toothed tiger to develop, flourish and rule the species awhile. Humans have a general tendency to destroy their species. Fortunately, human fertility is such that within 50 years the population is replaced and life goes on.

Plagues, wars, ecological disasters occur often in human society, but the survivors replace the destroyed and carry on with their own development. This is the cycle of rebirth in a nutshell. The solution to this ongoing treadmill of objective disaster is the development of subjective understanding and adult realization of reasonable relationship with the Planet Earth and the Solar System celestial mechanics which supplies all life and energy.

Becoming adult requires direct access to the natural world and the ability to navigate one’s own course through life. The essential change is not just finding one’s own food in the wild. Rather it involves realizing one’s own relationship to the overall process of the Planet Earth.

The interaction of Sunshine solar system dynamics and Planet Earth topography gives abundantly of everything anyone needs in whatever form it is needed. The notion that life is difficult and requires work within a hierarchy of military organized discipline is the myth of imperial cities and their economic system.

War, pestilence, famine and destructive competition are all results of one type of social organization which requires concentration of resources and labor organization to maintain the fields of crops required to supply the concentration of calories to maintain urban life and armies.

Disease arises from concentrations of animals which develop and spread new microbes. Famine arises from the crop failures that are endemic to high density crop farming rather than the lower density diversity of natural ecosystems. War results from the well-prepared armies that have to attack or dissolve into boredom and unrest. Well-organized military units need a constant source of success. They tend to see their leaders as unnecessary impositions upon their advancement. Armies must war and conquer or they will attack their own.

This entire objective system of urban organization is unnatural and destructive of human personal development. Only in those few generations when general military success has brought a plateau of peace and success is it possible for the children of the victorious warriors to think of more idealistic opportunities.

Such idealism when focused objectively results in social actions that raise tensions and bring about new social strains and demands that lead to a new and often disastrous war policy. Between the Civic generations and the transcendental generations come two other, spacer generations that fill out the century and react to being in-between their more flamboyant elders and youngers. This is the theory of Generations (by Strauss and Howe).

These are all objective, socially developed perspectives which neglect the eternal question of finding one’s true subjective or inner quest to mature and develop the relationship within between Self and Source. This quest calls to individuals in their own time and in their own way. Some objective situations make it easier for individuals, others impose external hardships that hinder such realizations.

Occult initiation is beginning the process of stepping off the objective wheel of conquest and occupation that goes nowhere and causes infinite suffering. The objective world remains much the same throughout history. The modern army organization was created by Philip of Macedonia, honed by his son Alexander and made standardized by the Roman legions. The weapons improved, the communications improve, the overall organization and principles remain the same.

Occult initiation also remains much the same today as it was in the days of Pythagoras and probably millennia earlier, though we have few if any remnants from those times to consider today. Fundamentally the process begins with the realization that there is a world inside different from any objective description of ideals or success. This is the awareness that the goal exists.

The abstract or objective realization that there is a better way and a goal more desirable than anything described or tangible is the precursor to occult initiation. The beginning of the inner journey comes with the personal experience of someone already on the journey. The living example is essential to have a means of seeing what occult initiation looks like in the flesh.

Occult initiation exists in all societies and in each generation. Some situations create more, some reduce the number of living examples to such a single model or at least a very few. The Buddha shows the general preparation. His parents were told he would either be a great king or a great teacher of occult initiation. Not wanting his son to turn inward, the father tried to attach him to wealth and luxury.

Objective actions have no direct effect upon the subjective realities. The young Siddhartha became the Buddha since he was lavished with every luxury but still could not answer his inner questions. There was still old age, sickness and death which could not be eliminated by his wealth or objective benefits. This set him on the path to find those answers through occult initiation and his inner development.

Occult initiation takes different subjective forms for various individuals. The model of Pythagoras uses the learning about mathematical symbolism and the living process of seeing one’s own life in symbolic patterns. The advantage of this is not the objective knowledge, but rather the subject process that slowly dawns through the years.

Occult initiation involves learning to feel one’s Self as part of the overall process of the interaction of the cycles of sunshine and Planet Earth topography. Each stage in development involves moving on to a new set of challenges to understand. The prior stage remains, no longer the focus of one’s Self, but just another detail that is part of one’s Self. The current stage appears to be who you are; each prior stage becomes just something your Self has.

Occult initiation is the process of seeing each stage in one’s development as a circle or circumference. The center is what is truly Source or Self. As one masters the current circumference, one learns it is a radius away from the vital center of Self. Each circle is inner to all the other circles and the center continues to be far, far inside them all.

Occult initiation ultimately is a unique personal quest. The Sabian Portal of the Solar Mysteries is Marc E. Jones life’s work to re-establish his vision of a contemporary neo-Pythagorean brotherhood of fellow seeking on the path of Occult initiation. The esoteric techniques were joined to the modern recasting of ancient understandings such as horoscope astrology and other occult techniques.

In his original spade work of personal discovery and occult initiation Marc E. Jones developed the Sabian Assembly with its own procedures,vocabulary and techniques. Those who knew Marc personally had a different experience of him than those who only read his materials. However, before Marc was the process of Occult Initiation is and was and always will be.

Here is Marc's own description of his Sabian Assembly and the process of Occult Initiation that it offers:

Marc E. Jones' description of his
Portal of the Solar Mysteries
The Sabian Assembly

The great limitation of all Occult initiation, especially of the Solar Mysteries type is that each individual is responsible for their own inner quest. As a community of fellow-seekers the enterprise works amazingly well. However, no one continues directly upon the path in a straight line forever. Some twists and turns are personal detours. Some are expressions of individual limitations and defeats.

Occult initiation involves transcending one’s background, family, society and culture. This is an exceedingly painful and wrenching process of loss and elimination. Ultimately, each person comes to their limits and must let go of the quest. Those who can accept their defeat peacefully pass that test and are allowed to go on later when they come around to their next opportunity.

Those who fail the current test in their Occult initiation are stuck at that objective situation to make the best of their life situation. They leave the path like the brothers of the Pythagorean community with the worldly goods they brought to the quest and an extra “plussage” of their learning and experience.

The process of Occult initiation continues wherever and whenever there is an opportunity for individuals to realize the objective is not all there is and theirs is a different path to seek. The situations where this manifests are not eternal, they occur like weather conditions which repeat everywhere and throughout time, but only when the interaction of sunshine and Planet Earth topography allows them.

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