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Psychic reading is a universal ability of us all. The same mental and psychic energies and powers are available to us all. The general limitation is only about those folks who choose to make their money by their psychic powers and special readings. Everyone else could do their own but generally aren’t invited to do so since that interferes with the profit margins of the professionals.

Too often we just lack the opportunity to notice what our inner vision and spiritual understanding is flagging for our immediate attention. Error messages and warnings are done in special code or numbers rather than explicit statements in English or any other word-based language.

How do YOU get access to the interpretation manual to translate what your mind and its inner guidance is trying to tell you whenever you find yourself just about to need a bit of insight and explanation? The easiest access is through number since that is something we know about in our basic education as well as being fundamental to the organization of natural universe.

Not all number systems are created equal or useful for this translation of the psychic to the objective. The natural numbers from 1-64 which are also the binary numbers from 2 to the zeroth to 2 to the sixth power are a great beginning set to use.

Let me invite you to create your own psychic reading right now. Think of a question you wish answered by your own psychic reading. Then think of two natural numbers, 1 to 64 inclusive, either the same number twice or two different numbers.You have your psychic reading in the form of the I Ching Oracle. Just enter those two numbers as the hexagram numbers of your Oracle... Enter two numbers 1-64 for your Free Psychic Reading
as a Yi Oracle right now

Need More Background?
Check out Flux Tome (I Ching) page or keep reading here

Prefer more introduction and explanation of psychic readings?
Keep reading through the introductory text about paid psychics and other background until you are ready for the next more substantial explanation further along this page.Psychic readings are usually touted as only available from special elite folks not at all like common folk such as you and me. Here is one such claim from the Internet:

"* Notes: Clairvoyants are Psychics who 'see' images or messages in their mind's eye.* Psychics are usually born with this remarkable ability, though in some cases a major life-event or trauma may have triggered their psychic awareness.* Clairvoyant readings can help you make sense of events or situations in your life that otherwise may be difficult to interpret or act upon."

However, this is just not true.The Gypsy fortune tellers generally are forbidden from using their skills on themselves or other Gypsies, mostly because it is a profit scam and it is considered immoral to inflict such on any one you care about. Fortune telling is generally a form of stage magic where the mark is being fleeced for fun or profit. It is not any form of psychic reading at all.

I once received an application from a phone psychic reading company to become one of their official psychics. The training information only dealt with how to establish rapport with the person on the other end of the phone who was paying cash money for every minute they stayed on the line.

The whole enterprise was to keep them on the paid line for as long as possible. The only topic of training concern was how to entice another minute and another minute from the mark before they wised up and hung up and cut the revenue stream. Clearly this is a money scam not a psychic reading!

This does not at all mean that there are not authentic psychic readings. You can have of your own far easier than finding and hiring someone else to trick you. The problem is that most folks eager for a psychic reading are not interested in an authentic, true and accurate result.

Ultimately, that is what most folks are paying for in their psychic reading, someone who will tell them the lies they want to hear so they don't have to face the truth they already know all too well.

Yes, most folks who are generally hung up and stuck and going through changes that never change know exactly what their issue is and what would be involved in resolving it. They are talking ABOUT their issues so they don't have to actually resolve them. Any genuine psychic reading would would point out their willful blindness.

Why would anyone not want the answer to their most pressing and upsetting question? Because they want the answer to be different than it is. Their notion of a psychic reading is just a gentle chat with a hired friend who is faking caring. "Does he or she love me even though they act as if they don't?" Any doubt what the answer is or how clearly everyone, including you knows all about it?

Will it work out if I change my career or move to a new city or try out something else radically different?

Isn't that controlled by YOUR effort and reaction to whatever may happen once you make the change?

Generally that is a function of how ready you are to drop your current connections and strike out into the unknown and make that effort work. Is there anything outside yourself that will control which efforts of yours will succeed or fail?

Is a final result, after many choices, opportunities, actions and reactions guaranteed to anyone about anything? NO!

At this point it is a simple matter of Planet Earth angular momentum. It may be a great day to start toward that goal, but nothing follows in a straight-line path. How will this good thrust be met by independent reaction by each and every entity in the Universe>

A Psychic Reading is Not a substitute parent who can give you Permission or encourage you to spread your wings and fly out of the nest. If you still need that, you will do better dealing with your issues with your parents and their apron strings.

The practical psychic reading answer would probably involve telling you either YES! or NO! arbitrarily-- not that either answer was correct, but like flipping a coin, you either like the answer you get or you clearly prefer the other one.

If there is an external psychic reading source that controls when you can or should do something, I would expect it would be the obligation of that supernatural task master to tell you what you have to do next.

Generally, all these questions stem from a feeling of a lack of support and personal loneliness--or its opposite. Children absorb what their parents expect from them and they twist themselves inside out trying to satisfy their parents.

Too often there isn't any objective problem. Children tend to be small when they are young and they don't have much experience. They are, however, excellent observers and recorders of everything the people who control their food and living conditions do and expect.

The parents might not have meant it; they were just upset for their own reasons and couldn't kick the dog since it ran away too fast. Or the parents thought their little kid wouldn't notice if they relieved themselves by taking a dump of some of their bad feelings onto the kid's head.

The reasons may be many but the net effect is pretty much the same. The miscommunication keeps the child tied up and the parents never realize the damage they have done. The child keeps trying to break free and feeling horribly guilty if they even begin to get free.

The ideal psychic reading would then be reassuring, state that psychic forces more powerful than the critical voices think differently and will make their good intentions real. However, that won't solve the problems of not having your parents be better, more supportive and different than they are or were.

More importantly, you are starting to change without dealing with your hangups and dysfunctional family ties, so only guilt and backsliding can follow in the end. Finding a more powerful magical force to say what you fear your parents (or whoever) won't change anything and can't set you free.

That can only arise from your empowering YOUR SELF. A long and difficult process that begins by reaching within, finding that imperfect, objectively pathetic little child of yourself and embracing him/her with your love. Once you can manage that most of the time, then you will begin to grow up into your true Self.

Without that, how will anyone else accept you if you reject yourself? Without that deepest core of yourself how will you ever be whole or even grow up into a fully formed human being? You need all of your Self together and loving all of YOU to get anywhere.

Open up to the honest truth about yourself, deep down in your core where you know very well what is going on and what are the answers to your questions about love and money and success. They arise from your personal history and family dynamics and generally have been cycling about over and over for years.

That is what a psychic reading should be about--finally bringing into active consciousness what you have kept buried within and ignored. Not a magical outside judgment, but finally seeing and listening to what the wise though battered child within has--in all ways--been trying to share.

The usual paid psychic reading is being sought for the opportunity to hire a friendly, supportive "expert" who will say that unseen forces going to make things all different, even better this time unlike every other time. But do stay on the line or come back for more sage counsel real soon.

I learned some insight about this when I was teaching a seminar on my X-Ray Eye horoscope technique to a group of student astrologers. The workshop was going very well, teaching them the simple rules and reading their X-Ray Eye patterns that explained the focus of their souls or how it felt to be them.

Then I asked who in the group would be using this powerful yet so simple technique. They all said, "Oh,NO!". I asked if they didn't understand or was it too complicated some how? "Oh,No not at all" they said again. Then what was the problem? "It is too real, too deep too clearly who I am. I just want to learn to say a few strange terms that might apply a bit. Not truly understand someone's soul and have us both know it clearly."

The same thing would come up in counseling by I Ching Oracle or Horoscope or anything else. Someone would be eager for the reading, note the answer was dead on for them, then not show any interest in following up with the available alternatives to solve their issues.

Eventually, I had the opportunity to observe what happens when folks find themselves solving their issues and growing more than they feel their inner constraints would allow. It was a sad sight, though if they could at least admit they were stuck in the old pain rather than just give up--it would be a beginning to the process of real growth and change.

I experienced this sense of being stuck and overwhelmed myself in my first year of law school. My parents were both lawyers and being in law school put me back into my family dynamics and milieu in a most intense way. I was terribly depressed, as many if not most first year law students traditionally are.

I faced it, accepted I was back facing the overwhelming issues of being a 5 year old in a family of infinitely older and more resourceful siblings and parents. Facing it was painful, but I survived and in time I grew out of that deep dark pit.

Like most of my classmates my first year was an emotional roller coaster. And like most of my classmates I came back second year finding class straightforward and just a mountain trek demanding one foot in front of the other. My path didn't stay in law school.

I accidentally found myself having chosen courses which all had no semester exam. A detail I didn't learn about until several weeks into the term. Having 3 weeks free time I arranged to visit a friend of mine in Europe for 4 or 5 weeks. I had also signed up under the general University rule that a student with space in their credit schedule could take courses in other departments, to take a basic life drawing class.

During that Christmas vacation visit to a very special astrologer friend in Belgium, the structure of the I Ching unfolded itself to me as I explained the I Ching and its hexagrams to him. The insight was so simple. Yet, all the texts said it was impossible for anyone but the original Duke Chou and King Wen to make such an insight. The secret was that the information was clear if you were willing to let the patterns explain themselves.

I also found that I wasn't interested in continuing in what the most brilliant of my professors called trade school training to earn a living at the bar. I had outgrown my family expectations and left law school for other adventures. So, I know it is not necessary to solve all insoluble problems, it can be enough to simply face how stuck you are, and let your Self grow into its better options.

Psychic readings are good things, if you are open to hearing, since you are at least trying to face your issues and make your situation different and better. I assume this is the case with YOU, if not it is up to your own defense mechanisms to evade, avoid and discount the results you will get.

The Stars-n-Dice oracle puts a simple though detailed psychic reading in the palm of your hand. The dice cubes as Pythagorean computers absorb YOUR personal psychic energy or chi through YOUR palms and use it to cast the dice so they turn up with the correct psychic reading.

So-called science skeptics claim without any objective evidence that dice rolls are just arbitrary random number generators. This arises from their religious belief that random is the polite way to invoke their god without mentioning his name. Random order and Divine order are objectively identical.

It is one of many prejudices and misunderstandings of the Academic which is the name for the medieval Church's version of the ancient Academy of Plato. They had the only knowledge allowed, the Absolute Truth in their view and nothing else could have any validity. Dice must be worthless, random gambling things or else there was an independent source of true information beyond them and their understanding.

Are Dice Random or Just Fair?--then who chooses how they land so exquisitely?

Enough of the other stuff— If you have hung in there this far you are seriously interested enough that you deserve a straight and simple answer and explanation how to be your own Psychic Clairvoyant.

let’s get right to having you have your own psychic reading in your own mind and getting to watch it form. Let me start over again from the beginning:

Want to experience your own powers as a psychic clairvoyant?
Want to have free psychic readings any time you wish?

Let me explain the general rules of the process and you can try it as you wish. This is a far more personal experience of the psychic and clairvoyant than you can get from anyone or any thing outside your own mind.

It takes place within your own mind, as you watch it happen. No skeptic or debunking objective scientist can even see what is happening. And they would be afraid to venture into that subjective territory within themselves that they are fleeing and evading with their irrational claims of objective science.

The requirements for a psychic reading are a simple set of three —

  • a frame—or a means to separate out the open space where the psychic reading will form
  • a reflexive surface to be that open space
  • a need to have an answer you can understand

The last requirement is the most important. If you are not open to the reading, not focused with your need for an answer you won’t get any meaningful answer. If your need is great enough your answer will come after you. That is generally considered an emergency situation and impolite unless it is a true emergency beyond your responsibility or control.

The reflexive surface can be the inside of a mirror---through the looking glass in Lewis Carroll’s title. It can also be the inside of our mind where you see what you think and imagine. This is where everything takes form from your personal and subjective reality. It is also what most scares and offends the objective skeptic. It is the part of themselves they had run into the lab to escape for their own sad and twisted reasons.

The frame is needed to focus the open space and protect it from everything else. Answers are not scarce or difficult. They are plentiful and everywhere. They are so plentiful everywhere that they tend to overwrite themselves and become impossible to see clearly. The framing and the open canvas within the frame are the easiest way to provide a clear and distinct background for your needed answer to stand out.

Quiet and a bit of personal introspection are generally good for you. They will help you get calm and open to have your question answered. If you have a tough time being still and quiet that is probably all the answer you need now. You are agitated and not willing to face a clear answer. You need to deal with that issue before you bother with a psychic reading.

Quiet mind and a need for an answer—these are the only requirements beyond an appropriate open space framed and protected from the general hurly burly of your life.

Now, you are ready. Let me describe the basic technique.

The first is one I discovered accidentally when I was in the San Francisco Bay area discussing I Ching oracles with someone who also knew all 64 hexagrams very well. We would speak of the oracles by their numbers.
,br>The conversation at the dinner table of a group of six or more looked to the outside observer like the old joke of the lifer prisoners who told their jokes by number since they all knew them by heart and had told them over and over many times.

One of the resident housemates found it difficult to have this conversation of pairs of numbers 1-64 going on at his dinner table though he couldn’t understand the meaning at all. He first tried to annoy us by making up his own two number combinations and throwing them into the stream of our oracles.

Unfortunately, his ploy didn’t work since we found his numbers to be quite reasonable oracles that fit right into our conversation. Needless to say, this was far more frustrating to the poor fellow. Now, the conversation included him, but he still had not the faintest idea what any of us were saying.

I learned from this experience that humans are not capable of random number generation. Whatever numbers a person speaks to another are meaningful numbers, though it takes a special context to interpret them. After that I would use this two number technique in all sorts of situations.

If I met someone or they were talking about some issue they felt they needed counsel upon, I would ask them them to tell me two natural numbers 1-64, either the same number twice or two different numbers. If they voiced a specific issue, I would ask them to focus upon that issue and then let the 2 numbers appear in their mind.

If I were just meeting someone I would just ask for the numbers and let the oracle answer the question of what was our relationship to be from this context. Sometimes a person would have a very private, personal issue they needed counsel about, but were not at all comfortable voicing or speaking out loud.

This two number technique is perfect for that circumstance. Of course, the answer given by the I Ching oracle often will spill the beans of what was such a confidential matter. If you need it to be known only to you, the spirit of the Yi will generally be discreet. Other times, it was just your own shyness or inner timidness that made speaking your question feel impossible.

The magic part of this technique is that there are rarely times when anyone can not think of 2 numbers when asked. One science professor later claimed he had only told me two small square numbers. But I pointed out there were other smaller squares.

Then I interpreted the two hexagram of his oracle and they described exactly what was happening with him. How he had felt frozen like a stone mountain inside, but that mountain was now changing and he was being forced to face a new and freer world inside himself.

Everyone can pick two numbers between 1 and 64 inclusive. The numbers picked can be interpreted from any source reference for I Ching hexagram oracles. More important is to take the process slowly and watch it happen within your mind.

Close your eyes, and take some quiet time to allow your mind's eye to accustom itself to the scene. What at first is just dark or the pattern of light upon your eyelids will settle down into an Inner space with clear access to your intuitive mind.

As an aid to getting in touch with this inner space, as you sit comfortably with your eyes closed, you will first become aware of your breathing. As you continue to sit and BE STILL! you will eventually hear your heart beat as well.

Somewhere in this process you will have the ability to see images in the Inner Space of YOUR soul appear to you. The two numbers 1-64 can be an easy pathway to get to this place in your Inner Space.

Some people see their numbers take form in whatever way is important to them at this point. One person mentioned they saw quickly two numbers, and then a bit later two other numbers moved from the background and replaced the original pair.

I went over the oracle meaning of both pairs. She said, "Oh, the first numbers are who I would like to be--the second numbers were who I truly am right now."

Interpreting your psychic reading requires a bit more—system (64 patterns of Yi hexagrams, a structure(oracle derived from 2 hexagrams and the line differences between them, and a process—how oracles are interpreted). However, your answer is an I Ching (Flux Tome) oracle and there are many places you can find assistance in interpreting them.

The Flux Tome button on the Nav Bar will explain my perspective on the I Ching and how to use it to simply interpret a pair of Oracle hexagrams. Also the link at the top of this page will take your numbers as entered, or your clicks on the line matrix (one for Yang, two if by Yin) and your marking the box for which lines are moving to give you the hexagram patterns and their text to interpret them.

Hexagram 61 Love's Root or I Ching Inner Truth

Here is a drawing of Hexagram 61 in Flux Tome (I Ching) this is the hexagram of Love's Route (or Root) or Inner Truth or the ancient Chinese computer screen. You may or may not find great meaning in the hexagram interpretation, but that isn't the point. You had a ring side seat to the process of forming a psychic reading within your own mind. That was all that was offered at the outset.

If you truly needed a total answer to your question, then you may well find great meaning in the hexagram numbers. If not, then there will be some vague sense of the hexagram translation involved. If it is important to you, it is easy enough to follow up learning how to interpret I Ching Oracles as a form of psychic reading.

On the other hand, you may well find that once you find your way into your own Inner Space and experience YOUR OWN INNATE ability to create your own psychic reading you may want to explore that inner space of yours more.

One clear note in case you tend to forget in clutch situation. Should you find yourself in your deep Inner space and feel scared or upset or even just a need to get out and come back to normal life--just open your eyes and turn on a light, or even better a TV or other electronics. That will have you back to normal in a jiffy.

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