Tetraktys is Universal Number Pattern Symbolism

Tetraktys is the Greek name for the central number symbolism of Pythagorean philosophy and mysticism. It is often described as a triangle of rows of dots, 1-2-3-4 or the equation 1+2+3+4= 10. Neither of which explains much at all. Pythagoras developed an integrated mathematical science, philosophy, and mystical religion which used dot patterns to illustrate the inner skeleton of all process and development.

Why stop at four rows of dots making a triangle? Building dot-pattern triangles was only a detail. The first row, the single dot is perhaps the most important. It represents the doctrine of the Monad or the mystical insight that everything exists within a single integrated whole. However, coming to realize this ultimate unity requires a long process and many distant journeys.

The second row of two dots introduces the fundamental concept that without connection to the unique center awareness tends to follow a line of inquiry to its distant extremes. These polar opposites are the delight of Scholastic philosophy from the opening lines of the Book of Genesis: Heaven and Earth, Day and Night, formed in detail and unformed potential.

The detail that the only point to the awareness of polar opposites is the unique Monad center was lost to the medieval Scholastics who assumed all that was absorbed into their notion of God. In the Tetraktys the second row comes along with the first row to form the first figure--the triangle. Every dyad or duality is only two sides of some coin.

In the Yi or Flux Tome this point is illustrated by the trigrams. Each line place has its meaning by sequence in the overall matrix or gua. With the addition of a second line value the heart, will, and environment line pairs appear. These represent dynamics or active forces. However, they must have a context such as heart line pair to form a complete useful image.

With the third line of three the concept of process or narrative: beginning, middle, and end product is added to the Tetraktys. This forms the perfect number six which is the background to both the dice cube and the circle-to-radius relationship.

However, this also remains only part of the entirety required for full and complete analysis or understanding. Six points enable a description of beginning, middle and final process from internal or subjective perspective and external, objective observation. More is required to fix the whole in place.

The complete horoscope wheel requires the fourfold division of a set of perpendiculars. This double dichotomy uses two polar opposites to highlight the universal center forming a complete plane image. This is the rationale of Cartesian co-ordinates in analytical geometry which came to replace the mystical and holistic insights of the Tetraktys in the university curriculum.

The fourth line of dots doubles the pair in the second row and together the entire triangle completes the Tetraktys highlighting in its final set of details the expansion between the surrounding circumference and the mystical, holistic center which controls and creates the circle yet is not at all one of the infinite collection of dots which compose the circle.

This is what the Tetraktys is all about highlighting the mystical center by detailing the analytical stages required in the journey away from center to find the way to construct the path to find absolute, mystical center. In just four rows of dots the entire journey of mystical enlightenment or complete philosophical analysis is described.

Focusing upon the inner skeleton of anything,let alone reaching is ultimate, all-controlling mystical center requires both considerable study and personal investigation. Symbolic skeletons of abstract process involve using your Self as concrete example for this research. Only by observing how symbolism works out in your own life can you learn to jump back and forth between symbolic mapping and subjective living.

The ultimate goal or product is the triple learning about

  • the overall Cosmos beyond us all
  • the subjective reality process within YOU
  • the symbolic patterns or timing analogs you can use

  • A bit more can be understood from the more philosophical statement that complete understanding (10 or decad) comes through the combination of the four perspectives: the Monad, the Dyad, Triad, and Tetrad. In more practical terms, this requires viewing any subject matter from four perspectives (involving 10 specific points of view)

    1. as a unified whole
    2. as a set of polar opposites
    3. as a process or narrative with beginning, middle, and end
    4. a double dichotomy or grid work formed by two perpendicular or completely independent axes

    The monad is deceptively simple. It expresses the symbolic power of using the geometry of a single circle. All circles are similar [axiom of Euclid] Therefore anything that can be symbolized by a circle can be related and equated to any geometrical construction involving the properties and relationships in the circle.

    The Dyad or Duality is the essence of analysis in terms of two polar opposites. The simpler linear scale with two opposite extremes is a favorite in Western philosophy. Good vs. evil, hot vs cold, positive to negative have long been about as much as “modern” or “academic” philosophy could imagine.

    It is also the fundamental outline of the Chinese Tai Ji or Yin/Yang symbol if you paint that graphic into two halves with different colors. Traditionally, the Tai Ji also included a pair of opposite colored dots highlighting the centers of the smaller circles.

    The distinction between the simple number line from negative infinity through zero to positive infinity illustrates the difference in sophistication between Tetraktys dyad as part of a complete understanding and “academic” Western mathematical thinking. The Monad tends to be too holistic, the dyad or linear polar opposites the scientific model, and the process of the triad is more likely seen in narrative than in analytic philosophy.

    The Pythagorean illustration of the Triad as harmony or three circles each with half the radius of the larger circle containing them highlights the process of introspection. The beginning is the larger circle or overall Monad. The pair of half-radius circles are the Dyad or Tai Ji or the active interaction of the middle of the process.

    The final half circle in the middle highlights the center. It is the end product of the process—to focus within an outer circumference through the middle process of analysis toward the ultimate result of bring into consciousness the center point that controls the circumference but is not at all part of the larger circle.

    The Tetrad is only known in the West in terms of the Cartesian axes of analytical geometry. Its more general use as a philosophical framework for the analysis of any specific thing in terms of the set of all other things only survives in the horoscope analysis of Sabian Astrology developed by Marc Edmund Jones.

    To Explain the King Wen Sequence further

    The Tetraktys is such abstract philosophical number symbolism that it requires extensive illustration and explanation to begin with and then personal involvement to realize its deep underlying meanings. Pythagorean insights continue to be taught although it is only peeking out through astrological horoscope analysis and other metaphysics these days. Horoscopes tend to vast arrays of specific details making a gestalt approach to find the unifying overall matrix essential to making good sense of it all.

    Each and every circle is exactly measured or divided by its radius into six equal segments. This inscribes a regular hexagon within any circle. If one starts by inscribing perpendiculars upon a circle, and then marking off from each of them radius magnitude arcs, the result is the twelve spoke horoscope wheel. The two regular hexagons bisect each other, establishing a set of segments that can be analyzed as a whole, two halves, and number of subdivisions in sets of three or four. This is the Tetraktys as philosophical matrix.

    Marc Edmund Jones’ book Astrology How and Why goes through this geometrical explanation in detail though without mentioning that it is an application of the Tetraktys of Pythagorean metaphysics. Subjective mapping and symbolic understanding is a personal growth process which puts the individual in the center of their own Cosmic Universe with the great Sphere of the heavens rising and setting around YOU while the focus is placed upon using the timing analogs and symbolic mapping techniques to make the depth connection.

    Dice Cube dot patterns as Tetraktys in a concrete tangible object

    The cube is a regular and perfect geometrical solid with six faces. This relates exactly to the number 6 as classical perfect number (1+2+3 = 1*2*3) which is exactly the segments of a circle that are measured by its radius. This makes the dice cube, with its Pythagorean forms or eidos as its number patterns, placed on the cube so that each pair through the cube adds to the mystic number 7 the simple, concrete, tangible Pythagorean computer.

    Dice Cubes are Science and Magic number devices which absorb YOUR living energy and express the meaning of the situation you are in by the numbers showing when you cast them. The original Stars and Dice insight was to discover the true nature of the dice cubes as the Pythagorean computer. The next insight was to notice that the dice face dot patterns illustrated and explained the sequence of the Signs of the Zodiac, the Houses of the horoscope and the Planets.

    The third Stars and Dice Insight was to develop a complete personal oracle using all the basics of the astrological horoscope through the casting of dice cubes. This then developed into an understanding of the dice cubes as the expression of the Tetraktys which also explained the structure of the I Ching hexagram and the King Wen sequence of the hexagrams from all yang lines as first to the yang lines in only the yin or even places as 64.

    Pythagoras was one of the great innovators of the 6th century BCE global awareness which included Lao Tzu in China, Siddhartha the Buddha in Nepal, and the court astrologers in the Fertile Crescent (as well as the early developers of the Dionysius myth of the God born of mortal woman who brings humanity the insights of wine and like the grape vine suffers and dies and is resurrected in full godliness).

    There is no suggestion that dice cubes can be found in ancient Chinese tombs (as if decent folks would be tearing up anyone’s tomb looking for artifacts to display). Each traditional society lives within its local horizons sharing the common experience of the Planet Earth supporting them under the rising and setting of the Sun and stars over head.

    The dice cubes illustrate and explain many timing maps and traditional techniques by expressing universal principles which also underpin the Stars and Dice perspective. The first principle of this perspective is that there is no objective reality to the “academic” notion of randomness. Humans are not capable of random action. They only describe things as “random” when they insight that all knowledge and order in the universe has been revealed to them through their Scriptures and everything else must be ‘random’ chaotic or devilry-evil.

    Dice cubes are both science and magic, fundamental computer instruments that analyze a situation in terms of the energy in your living palm which then determines which of their number patterns result when they are thrown. Interpreting those number answers requires Pythagorean understanding based in the Tetraktys or one of its derivative timing symbol systems such as astrology.

    Claiming it is random and each face is exactly equally likely to result is clearly illogical if anyone bothers to consider the claim. The standard claim is that since no result is special they must all be equal and random. That involves two unfounded claims based solely on the assumption that all knowledge is already known, therefore if the algorithm to explain each dice roll is unknown it must be that what is known totally explains the phenomenon. Such arrogance! Try saying you don’t know and leave things at that!

    Dice have evolved to be the favorite method of determining numbers in a range of possibilities, not because they are random or blind; but rather because they have the exquisite ability to cast exactly the RIGHT number for each game situation. However, to appreciate that, one must appreciate the subjective value the living people find in various outcomes at various points in their game. Such human awareness is impossible to the “academic” of the “modern” sciences whose trust in living humans ended with the Black Death of 1347 leaving only the paradigm books in the library to rely upon.

    The point and magic of the Stars and Dice insight is to revive the dice cube as the original Pythagorean computer that bridges the geometrical symbolism based upon the perfect number Six with the Tetraktys philosophy based in the Decad or ten-fold analysis. Our current decimal system mathematics is a pale shadow of Decad based analysis generally associated with the detail that mammals have ten digits on their upper limbs.

    The six dot-patterns on the dice faces explain the entire process of growth from first sprout to final flower or seed pod. The first four dot-patterns express the four constituents of the Tetraktys and contain a total of 10 dots. These ten dots are the specifics of all development bundled up into the four packages universally used for all process under the Sun.

    The first dot-number is a true geometrical point. It is the first sprout that appears up from the ground, it is the simple statement of the beginning of the development process. It differs from the abstract geometrical point in that it is centered within its dice face. It is the sole point, it is the personal beginning, it is the anchor of a process which will continue. It is the geometrical point as center sure of its command of its space though it may have little idea what that fully means.

    The second pair of dots mark out the extremes of its territory. The Monad one-dot focus all attention into itself. The pair of dots focus upon relationship without any interest in center. It is how everything can be related and thus controlled that is being explored. This is the dyad that establishes the groundwork for a line though it is not quite ready to establish that next independent step. The sprout has grown into a stem, expanding its domain and its abilities though not yet able form a complete structure.

    The Triad is clearly a line of development marking out a center and two possible directions of growth. The steps of beginning, middle, and end are now one gestalt though whether this image focuses upon the center or at the two ends is still undetermined. There is a dynamic or narrative inherent in just the pattern of three dots filling the diagonal of the face. The growing stem now has a flow through it facilitating its further development.

    The Tetrad or double pair of dots focuses upon the territory within its boundary though without any sense of any center or organization beyond marking out the four corners. As an even number, there is no single dot—each dot clearly a pair with each of the other three dots forming a complete unit overall. The growing plant is now a functioning organism.

    These four complete the Tetraktys itself (1+2+3+4 = 10) where its set of gestalt or images given a special meaning to each of the ten dots used so far. There placement on the dice cube begins by marking off the three dimensions with the first three faces, then completing the set by jumping through the cub to place the four face opposite the 3-face. Each of the constituent images, the Monad all in one central image; the Dyad of two related points defining the line between them; the Triad or dynamic line of development; and the Tetrad or double dichotomy establishing its own territory with its clear boundary relations is fully expressed and explained by the dots on the dice faces.

    The fifth face is the famous quincunx pattern (Latin for 5 of 12) which explains that each dice number is an ordinal that is it is part of the entire cycle or set of a pair of dice. This quincunx is the most famous since it is the full expression of the cycle in its own terms. The five dots fill the entire dice face, though there are more dots on the 6th face and that face has an open central channel that would accommodate many more dots.

    It is the complete image with its own four corners and a clearly marked central focus. It is the emblem of the true adult or independent being fully developed in its own space and terms. The Tetraktys is complete in four number patterns. Becoming an independent being with your own center and boundaries is not part of general philosophical analysis—it is the special province of the subjective human or other individual creature on its own as a unique part of the Cosmos.

    The sixth face dot pattern represents the flower, seed pod or parent who no longer operates in terms of themselves. Rather they are focused upon the next development which contains two rows of three dots—that is their own process of development in at least 2 equal and distinct siblings. In this seed or parenting process there opens up a clear channel from central Source out to the Beyond which adds a dimension of divinity to the family process and to the parent as transcending solely individual interests.

    Tetraktys—Dice Eidos and Piaget stages of epistemology

    Human cognitive development was the special insight of Jean Piaget. After completing a Ph.D. in biology he became fascinated by his awareness that the school children in town used the same thinking patterns he noted in the Pre-Socratic philosophers. Piaget has been a special interest of mine, I now realize since my mother took me to hear him lecture when I was in high school. He lectured in French with an interpreter, fully explained his entire basic theory, and allowed me to get a sense of the man by watching him speak.

    My first impression was that somehow he was missing something, though I was not quite clear what. My sense was that he only dealt with the process of infants growing up to be graduate students, but that seemed somehow to not be all there was to personal development. Later, I wondered what was so different between Pre-Socratic philosophers and Plato and Aristotle. Eventually, I realized though they were all the same ancient Greek folks, “academic” understanding of Plato and Aristotle was through the medieval Latin translation and misinterpretation of their work.

    Later, I realized what was missing from Piaget’s stages were the realizations of what it means to be fully adult, rather than just progress from elementary school student to graduate student while still cloistered in the classroom believing only what was being told by the Established teacher rather than personal subjective exploration. Getting beyond the Piaget stages involved the metaphysical process called Occult Initiation or the beginning of your own subjective growth process as the master of your own destiny, Captain of your own ship sailing upon the Cosmic Ocean of Timing Tides and Stars and Dice insights.

    Piaget’s stages fit neatly into the first four dice-face patterns or the philosophical analysis of the Tetraktys. The infant is the first existence of self, aware only of its central place in its perceptional universe. There is no social relationship such as language, not even an awareness of Self. Things around the infant are what its senses perceive and what the infant explores and learns about. Gravity is one of the first rules of the infants education since it clearly makes everything drop when let go of.

    The first stage of the infant without language is also the ideal of the “modern” scientist. “No speculating hypotheses” since Galileo and Newton could barely manage new equations let alone work out an entire narrative theory. Folks were still in their intellectual infancy, unable to think beyond the elegant rhetoric of Aristotle as translated for them by Aquinas. Realizing that the Earth really, truly moved and that was the explanation of the timing tides marked in astrology and the origin of gravity is still beyond science.

    The second stage called pre-operational refers to the young child who has begun to learn language but has not yet a sense of self or how anything works. It is called the stage of magical thinking where things are seen to happen in response to spoken words and therefore it is assumed words are causing the events. Words are objects like anything else in the toddler’s world which do things and operate in their own special ways.

    Putting a towel across your shoulders makes you look like Superman, so you are in your play Superman, the details of having superpowers are just part of the operations that the toddler imagines without needing to really direct in detail. This magical thinking is hardly the exclusive province of the toddler. Scientists fall into this epistemology when they fail to achieve complete transcendence of language or believe the magical power of the algebra equation will be sufficient to motivate and animate their theories of reality.

    Other folks drift into the pre-operational thinking when they give upon understanding or controlling the world they live in. They instead invest themselves in the costumes and magic formulae of their occupation and religion and assume that things will continue as they have been by magical power of Divine control and political convenience. They note relationships without any sense of any center that controls those activities.

    Stage Three is the Operational Epistemology of the 10-12 year old who is able to function in the world knowing what is imaginary play and what is hands on activity like building a dam in the flowing water in the neighborhood or building a fort to play with. A narrative, line of development and concrete actions in the real world are the realm of this epistemology. They can not fully understand the intricacies of language.

    Piaget show examples where children in this stage can order objects in gradations, but not understand the description in language of this same scale. Looking closely at the descriptions and actions, they do not understand the different between dark, darker than, and not so dark. They all sound like forms of dark although given objects in a range of shades they know how to order them.

    This limitation seems to include many of our brightest and even most brilliant. Thomas Jefferson is often rated as the most brilliant of our Presidents. Yet, he was unable to understand commerce or accounting. He distrusted merchants as making money without either crops or slaves. He believed he only needed to own fertile land with slaves to work it to be a wealthy gentleman. The notion that wealth required accounting for expenses and producing products sold profitably never made any sense to him at all.

    Jefferson was aware of ancient Athenian democracy from Aristotle and could imagine founding a new nation to reproduce that system. He invented the United States Democracy by having his draft of the Declaration of Independence set in print and copies printed as the Moon passed the Zenith, which were then passed out to the Continental Congress on the morning of July 4th as an astrological fait accompli. His version as printed contained the clause accusing King George of the crime of kidnapping Africans and selling them into slavery in America which established our racial problems as endemic.

    Jefferson like his Virginia fellows thought that slaves were essential to true democracy, since the Athenians had slaves. Clearly, not so well able to understand that democracy requires a free and productive community to thrive not just slaves or machines to produce leisure time for the citizens. What you do with your leisure and what you understand as the requirements to continue to prosper were lost on his Piaget stage limitations.

    This concrete operational, third Piaget stage is able to form a logical line of development a putting concrete objects into arrangements, but not to think abstractly. Those who can and do think abstractly seem peculiar if not crazy to those at this stage epistemology. The energy and activity of their concrete line of development seems self-evident and all important.

    The final stage of Piaget epistemology is that of formal logic, the ability to be a graduate student, sitting in class and taking notes upon what is being taught and then apply those concepts and principles to your own observations within the academic realm. This stage stakes out the related and coordinated boundaries that have been taught. The realm of concrete objects and operations is balanced by another realm of logical operations and formal abstract thoughts.

    The limits of the Piaget Stages become clear when we look at the fifth and sixth dice faces. The fifth represents the independent adult who has all the background of the 4th stage but also has developed an organizing center to become an independent adult. In the sixth stage the adult becomes parent with their own channel to the Divine focused upon developing the best opportunities for the personal development and expansion of their children.

    My cousin, Dr. Robert Kegan of Harvard has developed a 6 stage theory of the development of individual meaning and finally even moved on to the next 6 stages in his book In Over Our Heads. That book simply notes the further development required by our complex (or at least terribly complicated) society which happens to be far beyond the general level of most these days. Hopefully, soon he will deal with how folks manage to survive being in over their heads before they are washed away by Global Warming and Climate Crisis shoreline flooding.

    Tetraktys analysis of the I Ching Hexagram structure

    One of the early expansions of the Stars and Dice perspective was to note that the arrangement of dot-patterns on the dice cube was the same as the line place pairs in the hexagram matrix. The outer or transitional lines are 1 & 6. The inner emotional lines are 3 & 4 and the organization or controlling lines are 2 & 5. Later I noticed that the 64 hexagrams are arranged in 32 pairs with each even hexagram being the earlier odd hexagram turned on its head as if tumbled like a pair of dice.

    Those hexagrams which are symmetrical when tumbled are followed by their opposite line value pair, and they are all placed at the beginning and end of the King Wen Sequence and at the end of the first half (hexagrams 27, 28, 29, 30). Figuring out that the Pythagorean Tetraktys explained the complete sequence in terms of three sets of ten in the first half and then another 3 sets of ten plus the four final hexagrams arranged in terms of their global meaning—inside, outside, completing, beginning, took quite a bit longer.

    Tetraktys explains the I Ching trigrams and Hexagrams

    The first set of 10, from Hexagram 1-Sunshine [The Creative force of the sun’s rays] to Hexagram 10- the deep water lake (or sea) under the sunshine that would next evaporate water to complete the water cycle. In this first set of 10 the trigram Fire does not appear. Fire is the human scale version of the Sun and has no place in the Water Cycle. All the hexagrams of this set are fully explained by just the nature image of their trigrams in sequence.

    The Eight Trigrams or three line patterns in Nature symbolism are: Sunshine—all yang; Homeland or the topography of the Planet Earth within the local horizon all Yin; Thunder—one yang at beginning; Mountain—one yang at top or final place; flowing Water or rain drops—one yang in the middle place; Wind- two yang after an open (yin) first place; Sea or deep Lake -—two yang lines first with the final place open (yin); and Fire-- Yang lines first and final with open line place in center.

    The 64 hexagrams are arranged in the King Wen Sequence in 32 pairs with each even number hexagram being the opposite of the odd number before it. The 64 hexagrams are also broken into two halves with the first 30 hexagrams in the first half and the final 34 forming the second half. Why the even numbered hexagrams are where they are in the sequence is explained directly by the philosophical implications of the Tetraktys.

    Since the first set of ten is the water cycle which can be used to fully explain how the symbolism of the Tetraktys maps the interaction of the celestial mechanics of our solar system with its daily rising and setting of the sun and stars interacting with the Planet Earth topography which results in our water cycle, crop fertility and so much more.

    The sophistication of the Chinese understanding of the water cycle illustrates what each and every indigenous people upon our Planet Earth know through their experience watching the natural world around them. The rejection of Feng Hsui in the “academic” or so-called “modern” sciences indicates what has been lost when the West took on faith that all scientific knowledge was revealed in the set of Books of Aristotle translated as distinct, separate and mostly unrelated sciences.

    Hex 1 is quite literally the Monad of the water cycle. Sunshine repeated (all Yang lines) The rays of the sun shine down upon the Earth. The morning sun burns off mist to make clouds (the drawing in the ideogram for the Chinese name for this hexagram Ch’ien) which flow along the wind patterns to provide nourishing rains for the prepared agricultural fields.

    This falling rain water is absorbed into the Earth to nourish the crops, form ground water and run off into the rivulets, streams, and great rivers that flow to the sea forming the entire basis of the natural economy. Everything everywhere is energized and powered by sunshine. The consequences of the sunshine interacting with the Planet Earth topography is the complex web of life and energy making human life possible.

    Hexagram 2 is the depths of the Earth, the empty matrix of 6 line places or Yin lines. This is the opposite pattern to hexagram 1, but it is also the first hexagram of the polar opposites of the Dyad. It is the open contours of Planet Earth topography which determine how the falling rain moves once it hits the ground. It is the other part of the water cycle completing the energy of the sunshine and rain from heaven.

    Agricultural fields require extensive preparation and improvement to give them the optimum configuration to accept and absorb rain water without becoming flooded or washing the planted seeds away. The topography of the rest of the landscape determines where ground water accumulates, where it forms artesian springs in the valleys near high mountains, where it forms moving streams and where these streams meet to form mighty rivers flowing to the Sea.

    Hex 3 water over thunder, the rain activated by the spring thunderstorms. Chinese philosophy views the spring rains as the result of the interaction of Thunder from the Earth emerging from its winter rest (cold) to shake the clouds to form raindrops that then fall to Earth as the nourishing rains at the beginning of the growing season.

    In pure process symbolism, the over pattern of hexagram 3 is an empty matrix of yin line places except for the first and fifth lines which are highlighted with Yang. This is the initiation of any creative or productive process. At this beginning point, all that is clear and in focus is the overall organization (line 5) and the beginning of action in the first line place. Like an engraver putting the chisel into his material to make the first marks with only his plan in mind of where things are to go after that first commitment when the chisel bites.

    This is the positive pole of the Dyad of the water cycle. The Planet Earth topography is the background matrix upon which the process begins as the energy of the atmosphere coalesces the passing rain clouds into the actual rain to supply the water to begin the terrestrial part of the water cycle.

    Hex 4-- water under mountain, the motive power of spring water or the potential energy of rain upon high ground forming the artesian spring in the valley. Here the Triad process or narrative begins. This first step begins when the Planet Earth topography forms mountains with valleys about them.

    The water that falls upon that mountain is imbued with considerable potential energy from the height of the mountain. In this first stage of the narrative or process of the water cycle, this water has only potential energy. It is the difference is height above sea level that determines the available energy to move the mass of raindrops that fall upon the details of the local topography.

    This potential energy of rain water energized by its location in height above sea level is observed concretely in the artesian spring water that can form fountains from the valley floor near the base of mountains. The process of this energizing potential is what hexagram 4—Pupal is all about.

    This can be the household pig kept in a restraining pit in traditional China. This can be the pupils or students being sent to school to have their potential organized and restrained for future development. This can be the pupal caterpillar in its chrysalis developing into a butterfly.

    Hex 5--water over Sunshine, the clouds or water vapor in the heavens energized by sunshine causing weather systems. This is the middle stage of the narrative process of the Triad in terms of the Water Cycle. The middle stage between the Sunshine evaporating water vapor that will eventually fall as rain and flow along the Planet Earth Topography is the process in the atmosphere where that water vapor and sunshine interact.

    The interaction of sunshine and Planet Earth atmosphere above the topography of the surface of the Earth determines the weather systems and wind patterns that cause water vapor to form clouds, and clouds to move across the landscape and eventually these clouds intensify forming water drops that fall out of the sky upon the surface of the Earth.

    Hex 6 the rain (water) falling down through the sunshine. This is the final stage of the narrative process of the water cycle. The Planet Earth topography is fixed and static at any moment. Once the rain drops form and flow down through the sunshine and resultant atmosphere energy patterns the active motion of the water cycle has been set in motion and will flow out as established.

    Hex 7 water under the Earth or the water that falls on the Earth and is absorbed. The 7th hexagram of the set of 10 of the water cycle begins the double dichotomy of the Tetrad. This first of the Tetrad relationships establishes the negative horizontal pole of the journey of falling rain toward the Sea. The rain has fallen into the open spaces of the local Planet Earth topography forming ground water.

    This ground water is the zero point of local water flow energy. Overall the process of this hexagram 7 has the open matrix background of Heartland with a single Yang line in the second or structure place. This is the Earth when its structure is now highlighted by its ability to absorb and contain rain water. In society this is all the resources of the people which can be tapped for the needs of society including the draft for soldiers to fight wars.

    Hex 8 Water over Earth flowing downward as the topography of the land lets some rain stay upon the fields, other rain water flows into creeks to streams to mighty rivers en route to the sea. This is the positive horizontal pole of the Tetrad double dichotomy where water falling upon various elevations in the Planet Earth topography is energized to flow along the low points of that topography forming streams and rivers dropping down to sea level.

    The ground water over the Earth flows down along the contours of that local topography. Overall the structure of hexagram 8 is an open matrix with the only Yang or focus line in the fifth place of the overall organization. The overall organization or plan of the water cycle is the totality of the Planet Earth Topography which determines how rain water flows over the landscape to the Sea.

    Hex 9 Wind over Sunshine, the weather fronts that control where the clouds move and form rain and in what quantity. This is the positive pole of the vertical dichotomy where the Water Cycle energy is in the atmosphere controlling the quantity of water vapor and the intensity of the weather fronts and flow patterns.

    In terms of overall structure, hexagram 9 is total Yang lines in all places except for the open (Yin) line in the heart or spirit fourth place. Spirit is the philosophical expression of living breath. The winds and weather patterns of the water cycle process express and require open space within which they can function.

    The overall process is the Open Field in the midst of fertile process which is the vital screen that enables opportunity to manifest. As the doors and windows give a room utility, it is the open spaces in the atmosphere that allow the winds to blow through and develop the weather fronts that bring rain to the fields.

    Hex 10 Lake Under Sunshine. This is the final quiescent result of the horizontal or terrestrial flow of the Water Cycle down to Sea Level. The tenth hexagram of a set of 10 is the final completion of the set overall. The water cycle finishes with the deep lake at Sea level under the sunshine where solar evaporation starts the process all over again.

    The overall process of hexagram 10—Treads or the trail (or Tao) that is followed and that follows from what is done highlights the overall process with Yang lines in all places except the 3 line place of the individual passions. This is where the process is powerful, but without any personal input directing what is to be done next. The personal desires have been fulfilled; the water has flowed its way to the lowest level of the available Planet Earth Topography.

    In social terms, the youngest is following as best she can the head of the family although, not knowing where the next step leads, she keeps stepping on the shoes of her leader. This is the activity without personal ego or drive interfering with the general process as it develops. The water has found its way to the Sea; the child is eagerly and selflessly following behind those before; one more set of footprints are being added to the trail tread already.

    The sets of 10 can not be understood in isolation. The first set is so concrete and so simple that it makes a good introduction to the concepts. But it also leaves the essential background unstated, which is why most folks read those hexagrams and never noticed they were organized as a set and expressing in total detail the water cycle which supports and organizes life on Earth. Especially in the modern perspective where the natural is merely raw material for industrial production and fossil fuel exploitation by burning that ancient stored up sunshine.

    In the second set of 10, fire is introduced as the human reflection of sunshine. Hexagram 13, the first to use the fire trigram is fire under heaven or the expression of human energy under the backdrop of the far more impressive and important reality of the sunshine that motivates all life on Earth.

    As to the higher octaves of the King Wen sequence, the first step is to realize the Pythagorean principles that clarify it all. There is a line often in Pythagorean Sourcebook that goes how wonderful was Pythagoras' discovery of the Tetraktys: that 1+2+3+4= 10" which tends to not convey much.

    However, it is more understandable when recast as anything can be completely described in 10 stages made up of the perspectives of the monad (all contained in a single image or inscribed in one circle), the dyad or polar opposites (the drawing given in the Sourcebook of two smaller circles inscribed in one circle is exactly a diagram of the T'ai Chi in terms of the geometrical construction. To turn it into the traditional Yang/Yin symbol requires only that the two colors be added to divide all the space within the larger circle in exactly half (with the two eyes of contrasting colors at the centers of the smaller circles).

    Applying the philosophy of the Tetraktys to the hexagrams of the Yi makes the set of hexagrams ending in 1 (11,21,31,41,51 and 61) the monads of each set. Those ending in 2+3 become the poles of the Dyad perspective, those ending in 4,5,6 the beginning, middle end of the process perspective of the triad. And finally, the 7,8,9 and 0 ending hexagrams the double dichotomy perspective of the tetrad, or analysis in terms of the x-axis and y-axis so popular in modern reductions of geometry to algebra.

    There is a traditional commentary mentioning how hexagrams 11 and 12 are similar to hexagrams 1 and 2 with only trigrams Heaven and Earth, only with one of each in the hexagrams rather than two hexagrams all the same. This is true, but hides the important structural details. Hexagram 11 is the monad of that second set, describing it all. Hexagram 12, the tumbled opposite of hexagram 11 is only structurally connected to hex 11. The sequence connection is between hexagrams 12 and 13 as polar opposites of their Dyad.

    So, hexagram 11 being the beginning of the second set is about people (traditionally the 3 levels in Chinese philosophy are the Earth, Man and Heaven or in the specific context of the Yi, it is the Water Cycle, human relationship dynamics (courtship) and the abstract principle and Ideal of justice or karma or cause and effect (thunder meeting lightning).

    Hexagram 11 is the heavenly principle or Sunshine within the Planet Earth reality thus giving light to matter (or fertile seed in the fields). In social terms it is the energy of sexual attraction that energizes long term family relationships and commitment as the requirement for social harmony and peace. The sophisticated put themselves in a position to support and enlighten those who are stuck with their eyes to the ground tilling the soil. That is a complete reality or monad.

    Hexagram 12 is the negative pole of the Dyad formed by hexagrams 12 and 13. When sunshine is just beating down upon the Earth from above there is no interaction. The sunshine bakes the earth, the seeds have no life energy to spark germination and development. In society everyone sticks to their own perspective and situation and the erudite in the cities have no contact with the peasants who work in the fields.

    The positive pole of the Dyad of social relations is hexagram 13, Love Song where the energy and beauty of poetry is offered under the sunshine as public entertainment for all. The work chantey lifts the spirit as it makes co-operation on the work project go more easily.

    Here starting again with hexagram 1—Sunshine all the way to the last hexagram in the King Wen Sequence of the I Ching Hexagrams –64 EVE is a quick list of each hexagram by its Hexagram#, Flux Tome Hexagram name, its place in the sequence by sets of 10 and its Tetraktys position of Monad, Dyad, Triad or Tetrad:

    • Hex# Flux Tome Hex Name==Hexagram sequence==Tetraktys- Monad, Dyad, Triad, Tetrad
    • 1Sunshine==First set, the water cycle first place. The Water cycle itself in a single ideogram of rays of sunshine burning off the mist of a miasmal swamp, producing rain clouds that flow with the wind patterns becoming rain for the fertile fields that then runs off forming ground water, rivers that run to the sea.==Tetraktys Monad
    • 2Home Land==First set, the water cycle, second place the beginning to the Dyad or negative pole--the Planet Earth typography or matrix contour that determines the flow of the water cycle. Ultimate background that only is noticed when something else, like flowing rain water accentuates its details and process.==Tetraktys- Dyad
    • 3Strikes==First set, the water cycle, third place the completion of the Dyad. In contrast to the openness of the Earth itself, this is the energy that animates and motivates and generates thunder and clouds from sunshine and water vapor. Here is the very beginning, the first energy that causes situation to give rise to process and to obliterate what were the steps of preparation in the strike of new energy taking command of available opportunity.==
    • 4Pupal==The first set, the water cycle. 4th place is the beginning the triad of process. Water emerges from the spring under the mountain. The energy of gravity pushes water on its way but is being controlled by the terrain and its geography. The process of water flow has its own beginning, not in the sunshine that evaporates water from the planet, but rather in the differences in the Earth between the high points of mountains and the low points where there is an opening for the water to appear. It is the openness at the bottom, that forms the potential that energizes the gradient to produce the flow of water over the earth. Below the rain can have any meaning, there must be the difference in earth elevations and soil conditions which will form the context for groundwater process.==Tetraktys- Triad
    • 5Watering==First set, the water cycle 5th place, the middle of the triad of process. Water suspended in heaven, the clouds form and move about the sky for all to see yet no rain has formed yet and there is no moisture to nourish the seeds in the ground.

      Here is potential manifest yet not yet actualized. Vision separated from reality although they are very close. The moments before things start to happen after all the preparations are complete.==

    • 6Striving==First set, the water cycle, 6th place the final stage of the triad of process. The water falls from heaven as rain. The flow of the clouds is over, the water is now separated out as rain drops which fall from the sky to hit the earth. Energy is let loose and moves in its tiny quanta yet in vast array.==
    • 7Corps==First set, the water cycle. 7th place is the first of the initial pair of the Tetrad. Rain absorbed into the ground to form the mystery of energy and homeland. This is position without any movement though it is the preparation for all further development. The rain has fallen upon fertile land and been absorbed to make the fields the location where the mystery of life will take seeds and rain to produce the crop. None of this can be seen outside, it must be taken on faith, yet it is an objective reality and in due time it will move on to the next steps and all the rest of the cycle emerges from this inner mystery.

      Overall, this is the situation where real action begins. All the preparation is over, the rain has fallen upon the fields and here begins the use of that rain to grow the crops and to feed the great rivers. Everything here is about organization and its results, although final accounting is still off in the future.==Tetraktys Tetrad

    • 8Filling In==First set, the water cycle. 8th place is second of the first pair of the Tetrad. The water that cannot be held in the earth; runs off to find the rivulets; make the streams and mighty rivers. This is how the earth controls the flow of energy and motion of the waters by its absorbency and its limits. The distinction is made between what is kept here and what is sent on its way beyond to form the great rivers. Both are necessary and vital to the overall well being, their balance is true harmony. This is the process of the kidney; the creation of the successful crop in the land here and the development of the mighty river water to serve the nation.

      Here the choice of what is vital to you here-and-now is completed. In hex 7 is the choice of the local community organization-what you keep close to you as your personal resource. Hex 8 completes that by deciding what you choose to let go and allow to go on its way with more general process. The first dichotomy of this tetrad represents the depth of personal choice from mine to other. As the remaining two hex (9&10) will highlight the breadth from the flow of the water vapor in the clouds overhead to the quiet accumulation of water in the sea under heaven.==

    • 9Open Field== In general, hexagram 9 refers to the fluid dynamics which causes things to take their concrete forms. In hex 8 we have the run off of rain controlled by the contour of the land, here we have the potential and energy of the river flows controlled by the great weather fronts that determine the intensity of wind and water in various places.

      Applied to human action, it is the dynamic forces that affect details and potentials. It is like a fallow field which has been planted, its preparations and conditions have great influence upon what will eventually appear and grow to harvest, but for now it looks mostly like an empty field. These are the energies, potentials and motivations that are afoot but have not yet produced any concrete results. Each of the lines refers to conditions as the various stages are emphasized and the overall process is taken through them from its general potential to some concrete result.==

    • 10Treads==This is the ultimate results of prior action. The ends of the water cycle as the rivers collect in the great lake or the ocean under the rays of sunshine where new water vapor is evaporated to start the cycle all over again. In human terms it is a matter of having oneself determined and resolute having solved all questions and answered all doubts. The clear distinction between personal interests and environmental context is highlighted. The first set is complete, the power of the world or environment is totally expressed. What remains is the greater power of human motivation. Here is the ground zero of personal determination, and from here the next step is to begin the second set of 10, where social forces arise from the interactions and relationships of individuals.==
    • 11DreamLand==This is the first hexagram of the second set, the realm of society. It is the pure potential of human energy balanced with the female over the male thus genteness controls and directs power.==Tetraktys Monad
    • 12No Exit==This hexagram is the baseline or negative pole of the societal set. Here is simple reality, the sunshine over the earth, the male over the female, power rules and does as it pleases which brings about chaos and stagnation as there is no energy and no restraining organization. Without secure open space nothing has privacy and opportunity to begin and grow.==Tetraktys- Dyad
    • 13Love Song==This is the positive polar opposite which balances hexagram 12. The opposite of monad hexagram 11 is the simple reversed line values of hexagram 12. However, hexagram 13 is not an opposite but the opposing positive pole to hex 12. This requres a totally different line pattern. Hex 12 has the natural forces of its trigrams in their natural order which leads no room for social organization as all is controlled by simple nature. Hexagram 13 is where society strives to model natural process-- here the trigram of fire is under that of Sunshine. The social process of fire is brought into the social situation to animate and motivate human activity the way that Sunshine powers the water cycle that controls the first set of hexagrams and creates all life and motion upon the Earth.

      The human process of joining people together based upon social organization. The home fire that has the same effect upon social process as sunshine has upon the water cycle. The love song which can inspire all those who hear it to join together as one community with deep feelings based solely upon the social construction of its lyrics.==

    • 14True Gold==This is the first of the set of three hexagrams denoting the Process of social relationship. There are 5 strong lines, with only the ruler's place open, thus there is an open hub with 5 strong spokes which makes for a powerful wheel. The beginning of successful social relations is the integration of strong subordinates with a ruler so able and secure that he can be open to the strength of the others.==Tetraktys- Triad
    • 15Churning==The fifth of the set of social relations refers to the fullness of the development process where passion is modulated through all channels of Self in its expressions to others. Here the beginning in 14 with open potential at core has expanded to the interplay of deep intent with all possible opportunities and options. This is the position of potential stored without current expression, but yet to give clear future action.==
    • 16Singing==The sixth of the set, the place of the final product of the development process of social relations. Here is the Singing of personal feeling and poetic lyrics giving society the opportunity to understand and respond to the intimacy expressed.==
    • 17Tracking==The seventh hexagram of the second set begins its own self-contained double dichotomy. The essence of the set--male/female social energy is now immersed in its most practical grounding. The eldest son bows to the youngest daughter, the energy of thunder rests in the wetland marsh. Potential is at its maximum and expression is held to the minimum as its integration grows and becomes more powerful.==Tetraktys Tetrad
    • 18Ferment==The polar opposite of hexagram 17, here potential is replaced by action and change in the social realm to achieve the total result of the set of 10. Inner forces are now manifest in writhing decay. The old can no longer be kept, it is time to act, to begin and to make a clean sweep. Such effort takes preparation and after launch it requires special care to keep on track.==
    • 19Coming Together==The polar opposite to the final state of human relationship. Since the final state is quiet, this is dynamic, the maximum dynamic of social relationship, the headlong plunge of energetic intimacy. It is a time of great potential and intense action which can not continue long and if maintained until it has fully run its course it will bring a calamitous crash out the other side.==
    • 20Models==This is the completion of the second set of ten, the quiet finish to the process of social relationship. Here all is balanced bring the two yang lines at the end and the set of yin lines below. The total focus is upon organization and transition to the next. That means that all the social relationship has run its course and what remains is the example set and the consequences of relationship. This is the end of the preparations and the beginning of the wait for the reactions and repercussions to come home to roost.==
    • 21Digging In== Hexagram 21 is the first of the 3rd set of 10. It represents the basic expression of the Divine in human affairs in terms of the process of justice resolving disputes and clearing away problems, and enforcing punishments. Thunder comes forth from the earth and joins lightning coming down from heaven, here is simple cause and effect or karma whereby Divine energy manifests as great and awesome power in human life.==Tetraktys Monad
    • 22High Lights==This second hexagram of the set of the Divine manifest in human life is the inverse of the first in form and the negative pole of the dyad. Elegance is the attempt to attain ultimate beauty for its own sake. This hexagram seeks to grab ahold of the cosmic light and keep it well within local bounds. This is the negative pole of the dichotomy of cause and effect-- fire under a mountain barely shows yet it is very powerful for those few who do see it and its effects. Cosmic energy is being compressed into the local geography where its power is seen only in the expression of elegant detail not mighty action.==Tetraktys- Dyad
    • 23Fall's Down==Thjs is the hexagram of the next step, which in terms of what is known and what is the accustomed situation is the decay and dispersal of the last situation. It is also the time of harvest, when the growing crops collapse and only the seeds of the next crop remains. However, if it is dealt with well, the harvest is the time of total profit.

      This is the positive pole of the dichotomy of cause and effect. What begins as cosmic energy packed into common situations now ends as the expression of Cosmic change making everything visible different. This is when the effects are manifest and only those who see and appreciate the overall process can avoid feeling total loss and decay.==

    • 24Spring's Back==Fourth of the third set, the set of cosmic forces in human life and the natural progression and consequences of the eternal cycles. The fourth is beginning of the triad or process perspective. The line of development has become the box figure of established turf. The fourth place is only the ground set out, without any center focus. This is thunder, the cosmic life force still hidden deep within the earth, the turning point of the soltice, the focal point which control much of what will follow, yet has nothing to show yet.==Tetraktys- Triad
    • 25Naivete==The fifth is the total organization, the focus dot at center has been added to box of background. This is where the cosmic process expresses itself to the world as the simple unrolling of the cosmic script.==
    • 26Virgin Land==The 6th of the set, the ultimate results of the process which binds up all the details in a way that uses them to mark the way for the development of the next in the open space left as they all move on their way. The best expression of the Cosmic in human life is still only a beginning point for further human efforts upon that ground. The best conditions and the most fertile earth still requires human efforts to seed and cultivate to bring to harvest.==
    • 27Nursing==The 7th of the third set of heaven or cause and effect. The seventh place is the core or inner essence. Here is the pattern of openness bounded like a baby bird looking upward and crying for food, this is the essece of inner need being expressed and demanding to be serviced. It is need confronting limitation, the force of thunder meets the permanence of the mountain.==Tetraktys Tetrad
    • 28High Over-Head==Eighth hexagram of the third set, cosmic law. This is the place of the total extension, the vertices at the edges of the cube. Here the process stretches to the breaking point making the old boundaries give way and forcing the development of new situations. The floodwaters cover the trees, there is too much to contain in the old way. The next is coming and it must be accepted NOW.==
    • 29Deep Depths==The 9th of the 3rd set of the cosmic in human life.Here the flowing water flows on through anything and over every obstacle. This is the motive force of cause and effect, the continous rushing flow in the abstract.==
    • 30Flaming Bright==Here is the completion of the 3rd set of the cosmic in human life. The trigram of fire doubled, the mocrocosm reflects the macrocosm, human domestic fires mirror the progress of the sun through the heaven, human life is brought to order by clinging to the established principles and guiding social lights. Overall cosmic force, yang with the place of will (2nd and 5th) yin so that the whole clings to the environment and follows the lead of the Tao.==
    • 31Moon Shine==The beginning of the second half of the Yi. The first of the 4th set of 10. The lake atop the mountain, this is a reservoir of potential energy. The youngest son under the youngest daughter, the hexagram and the set of Romance and social potential. Romance hints of the second row of the MEJ Ibn Gabirol Magic Squares. This is not the human relations of the second set (11-20) rather the abstract dynamics of Romance- the feelings of attraction that are separated from the realities of interaction.

      As the first set of this higher octave second half-- Romance or Moonshine focuses in the body while the other sets (41-Sacrifice, 51-Divine Power manifest, 61- Love's Route) are all focused above the individual body and desires.==Tetraktys Monad

    • 32Old Faithful==This is the second of the 4th set of 10, and therefore it is the negative pole of the dyad of social potential. Here is natural routine as the automatic functioning of natural process. Thunder over wind, that is the natural consequence that wind will follow the release of energy expressed by thunder. Nothing new or different, just the continuing process of cause and effect.==Tetraktys- Dyad
    • 33Flight==This is the positive pole of the dyad of human potential or voltage thus romance. It begins by letting go of what has been and taking flight into new and ungrounded territory of one's own control.==
    • 34Plows==This is the first hexagram of the triad of the process of human voltage or romance. In the beginning human energy plows under the status quo and turns over new territory with its fertile opportunities.==Tetraktys- Triad
    • 35Rising Son==This is the central hexagram of the process triad of 34-35-36 hexagrams. The crest of the development of human romance or potential is the arising of the new generation to prominence as a loyal lieutenant continuing the established trends in a totally new context. The next new iniative in the continuing channel as each dawn brings a new day without the slightest deviation in the long established momentum.==
    • 36Setting Sun==This is the final hexagram of the process triad of the set of Human potential or the energy of romance. The results of the energy potential of romance is the inner development of the person's soul, which also means the isolation and loss of human activity and connections. What begins with the energetic thrust of Plows and develops into the group action of the Rising Sun eventually moves on to the beautiful twilight and personal solitude of the Setting Sun. This is also the situation of personal reflection, as the Sitting Son meditates after his romantic energy has played itself out. Romantic energy ends up in the glorious sunset which only forms as part of the sun taking its light under the horizon and ending all the activity and interaction of the daylight.==
    • 37Homing==Here is the first of the four hexagrams of the double dichotomy or paired opposites describing the potential of human energy or romance-- Longing-contrast and crisis--relief. This is feeling of family closeness, the drive to return home and keep the home sacred community. The energy (fire) becomes subtle action (wind/wood) carrying with it the essence of this family as smoke carries the special qualities of the wood being burned. This is the 7th hexagram of the set, the mystic essence of romance or human energy as the totally inner experience without any overt outer show. Thus it is called homing, the instinct to return home, not the home itself or the people in the house.==Tetraktys Tetrad
    • 38Screens==This is the 8th hexagram of the first set of the second half of the Yi. It is the polar opposite to the inner essence of family energy or human romance expressed in 37. This is the outer expression of family dynamics in terms of the sibling rivalry and petty arguments which express the dissonance of family closeness. It is what everyone can see if they visit, as the deep inner connections of hexagram 37 are invisible outside the family.==
    • 39Valley Forge== This is the 9th hexagram of this set representing human romance or the tension of human relationship energy. As the pair of 7th &8th hexagrams show the horizontal dynamic of inner and outer essence. The 9th & 10th indicate the vertical dynamic of maximum tension and final resolution. So this is the hexagram of maximum tension of romance. This is the time of greatest romance--facing the terrible situation without doing anything about it. The danger is visible, but not crashing down upon you. The planning and the apprehension is what is engaged. The human dynamic is at its maximum though the objective situation is calm.==
    • 40ReLease==The completing 10th hexagram of the set of human potential or romantic tension. This is the final quiescent state of stable peace. In terms of romance this is the Release of personal tension or the Re-leasing of fundamental commitments. In terms of the trigrams, thunder over flowing water. In Chinese thought, thunder is energy that arises from the earth and shakes loose rain from the clouds, here the thunder has passed on by and the rain is falling on the fields, the release of cosmic energy and the renewing of the commitments of heaven to bring rain to grow crops. In terms of human events, this set which begins with the romance of courtship ends with the regular sexual activity of established married couples.==
    • 41Sacrifice==The first of the hexagrams of the second set of the second half of the Yi. After the set of romance comes the set of spirituality. Traditional translations avoid the terms sacrifice and blessing as they had very special meanings in the religious practices of Ancient China. The human activity involves making the best of a situation of meager resources and necessary losses.

      A lake is a major low place, a mountain a major height. A lake at the foot of the mountain maximizes the net drop or gravitational potential energy. This is not a hexagram about hydrostatic power, rather it is the keynote of the set of 10 hexagrams expressing how humans react to the awe of nature and its majesty.==Tetraktys Monad

    • 42Blessing==The second hexagram of this set of human awe. Here is the negative pole of the dyad of human spirituality. Thunder increases wind, the fluid energy of nature follows in regular pattern. The Cosmic steps into human life as a simple expression of massive energy at play. This is power at play, but in terms of human spirituality it calls forth the minimum of human effort or reaction.==Tetraktys- Dyad
    • 43Over-whelming==The third hexagram of the set of human spirituality, the positive pole of the dyad--here human effort and imagination is invoked to magnify and intensify the natural process. The Lake above Sunshine, the force that would be available if a lake could be raised high into the heavens. This is only possible in human imagination, but its concrete exemplar in the hydroelectric dam demonstrates the awesome power available from this concept. Such an extreme of human power forms the essence of this hexagram. The available momentum must be balanced by the most careful attention to control and direction. Nothing is more painful and damaging (or more common) that to have the ultimate hammer stroke bring forth the overconfidence and lack of attention which results in a devastating crunch as your own thumb is hit so hard.==
    • 44Lady Luck==The 4th hexagram of the set of human spirituality, the beginning of the triad of process. Human spirituality begins with human imagination cut free from the grounding of common reality. This is the pure potential of human possibility and enticement which is the raw material from which great spirituality can develop, though of itself it is the most illusive, seductive, fluid and insubstantial of human realities.==Tetraktys- Triad
    • 45Deep Feeling==The fifth hexagram of the set of human spirituality, the substantial middle fillet or deep content of the process development. Here the human imagination and potential is set into a context of general support and social relationship. The fluid emotions are both grounded in objects, buildings and traditions; as well as being reflected and intensified through collective participation, responsive rituals and social gathering.==
    • 46Un-Furling==The sixth hexagram of the set of human spirituality, the flower and results of the development process. Here human imagination and social support are combined to produce the new development momentum. The new sprout arises, not as an individual wisp hexagram 3) rather as the growing of the whole new crop. Much effort yet remains before the successful harvest--however, it is no longer a matter of the individual success, rather it is the wave of the future, the new trend is powerfully coming to the fore.==
    • 47Missing== In contrast to the final product of the process of spiritual development (hex 46) comes the structure of the situation of human spirituality. The physical or mundane vessel through which which dynamic takes shape.

      The 7th hexagram of the set of human spirituality, the negative pole expressing the development along the lines of human reality. Here is the lake without water, the structure of local geography devoid of its content or activity. Here fundamental infrastructure is being exposed at its most naked.==Tetraktys Tetrad

    • 48Mine==Mine-- the statement of the uniquely personal and also the channel to the depths of reality (as in a gold mine).

      The 8th hexagram of the set of human spirituality expressing the positive pole of dichotomy of human development in real world. This is the depth of Self as the infinite access to absolute Source.

      Here is the individual uniqueness which also expresses the universal human nature at this exact time and place.==

    • 49Molten Goals==Molten Goals-- The flux of active change that focuses not in physical difference but rather spiritual improvement. The incorporation of spiritual energy into the continuing growth and activity of human life.

      47-48 represent the vertical flow of spiritual potential, from the structure of the lake without content to the mine or well where structure is background to the flow of contents. This hexagram is the active pole of the final dichotomy that ends in the quiescence of hex. 50. 49 is the full and total interplay of active energy and the thorough change such action brings to light. Total change within the context of established structure.==

    • 50Altar==The altar of spiritual ritual and the process of altering what is felt to bring current situation into harmony with the timing and the spirit. Here is the 10th hexagram of the set of human spirituality, the final reservoir of this cycle. The active process has been gathered up into its stable and homely forms. Sprit reduced to the regular slots in normal homely life.==
    • 51Swooping==The first hexagram of the 6th set of 10. Here is the pure energy of the Divine manifest in human life as the massive intervention from the Heavens. This is awe and majesty in its pure form and naked invocation.==Tetraktys Monad
    • 52Peaked==The 2nd hex of the 6th set is the negative pole of the sinmple dichotomy expressing the manifestation of the Divine intervention in human affairs. Here is the basic infrastructure and naken structure of Awe incarnate. The high mountains of the mountain range, mountains and mountains as simple majesty of Nature.

      The judgment of the hexagram expresses this deep religious awe of the high mountains in terms of the inner tranquility of meditative peace.==Tetraktys- Dyad

    • 53Diamond Cutting==The 3rd of the set of Divine Intervention, the positive pole of the fundamental dichotomy. Here is the expression of the active agency of Divinity in the developmental life force. In terms of the trigrams this is expressed as wood growing on a mountain or the marriage of the eldest daughter and the youngest son after a long engagement or the process of cutting a diamond to turn the milky stone in to the most sparkling and sophisticated of precisely crafted gem.==
    • 54Chasing Rainbows==The 4th hexagram of the set of Divine Intervention manifest in human affairs. This is the beginning stage of the triptych of process applied to the Divine.

      The goal and ideal dream, the rainbow high in heaven as the attractive and impelling motivation which is the beginning of the action development which will bring forth Divine Intervention.==Tetraktys- Triad

    • 55FireWorks==The 5th hexagram of the set of Divine Intervention manifest in human affairs. This is the middle or developmental stage of the triptych of process.

      The Total Solar Eclipse or great firworks display is the expression of the full development of planning and execution of the process of making the ultimate Divine manifestation in common human life.==

    • 56Just Passing==The 6th hexagram of the set of Divine Intervention manifest in human affairs. This is the final results stage of the triptych of process.

      The sun rising above the mountain top creates for just a moment the image of a crown of fire joining mountain and heaven in one integrated expression of ultimate awesome display. ==

    • 57 Streaks == This 7th hexagram of the set of Divine intervention in human life begins the double dichotomy with the simple energy gradients of the winds. The wind represents the effects of heaven concretely and simply expressed in human weather conditions. Wind repeated, the pure spirit in concrete expression as a continuing and powerful force over time. == Tetraktys Tetrad
    • 58 Contents == This 8th hexagram of the set of Divine intervention in human life completes the first half of the double dichotomy that begins with the winds by expressing the stable reservoir of the lake repeated. Here is not the current energy movement, but rather the constant accumulation of resources that can be counted upon. This is expression of the Divine in great surplus assured that will withstand any local change or temporary shortfall. Divine intervention is not only a current activity, but also the overall and continuing assurance of assets and reserves to maintain normal life forever. ==
    • 59 Solution == This 9th hexagram of the set of Divine intervention in human life begins the final part of the double dichotomy with expression of the total fluid energy of both wind and running water. Here the emphasis is not on motion/stability, rather the forces taking apart stable infrastructure. The Divine intervention that eliminates the structures humans develop and return situations to the Flux of events. ==
    • 60 Lining == This final hexagram of the set of Divine intervention in human life completes the final part of the double dichotomy with the expression of the establishment of infrastructure by the interaction of fluid elements with concrete situations. Here Divine intervention comes to peaceful completion in simple situation.
    • 61 Love's Root == This is the first hexagram of the 7th set which has only 4 corners, inner, outer, finishing and beginning. All four of these hexagrams are symmetrical about their centers, so that the opposite pattern is the same, and they form pairs by replacing each yin line which a yang one and vice versa. As the four corners of the entire set of 64 hexagrams, each of these final hexagrams describes abstract symbolic process. The overall pattern of all yang lines with the core positions open creates the screen of prophecy, the opportunity to see the wisps of future development in the most subtle currents which are given plenty of background upon which to manifest and express. This is the monad of the entire sequence.==Tetraktys Monad
    • 62Razor's Edge==As the opposite of hexagram 61, this is the process of the individual's desire filtered through the various layers of conscience and society. Here restraint is the goal and achievement is only a dream which cannot be made real in this process.==
    • 63 Morning After == Only Yang places with Yang lines, 1,3,5 process of completion with everything in its place leaving only consideration of what has been completed exhausting its current energy==
    • 64 Eve ==All lines opposite of their inherent values, Yang lines in the Yin places only. The point of impending new development--the Eve of the great campaign, Eve bringing Adam the Apple to launch their journey as independent creatures.

    Understanding the symbolic skeleton within all process or development or narrative is the work of personal mastery. It is greatly facilitated by understanding the philosophical framework of the Pythagorean Tetraktys and using the illustrative power of the Pythagorean Computer or dice cubes. The specific dice-face dot patterns make this overall learning process more accessible.

    The Stars and Dice Oracle, the astrological horoscope (and Sabian Astrology, as well as the hexagrams of the I Ching (in King Wen sequence and Flux Tome gestalt analysis)all are parts of the personal development process beyond the formal operations Piaget stage and through the Portal of Occult Initiation through the Solar Mysteries of the interaction of our Cosmic Mother, Planet Earth in continuous intimate congress with the Celestial mechanics of Our Father, the Sun and the Solar System with its Cosmic Ocean of timing tides and universal swirling motion from the Big Bang through Today and on past Tomorrow.

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